Alfheim Tales Online First Look

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Alfheim Tales Online:

Today i play “ATO”, a RPG web base game. It`s quite interesting, i spend almost a day for play this one.

ATO have 4 jobs that can be select. Knight, Mage, Assassin and Priest.Their character is cute and their visual effect is good.The interesting point in this game is no default armor. So when you take off all the armor, you can see their underwear.

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

And do not forget about the pet. Almost all MMORPG to day adopt pet in their game play. Pet can help main character to attack or give you some buff. There is a lot of pet that you can collect.Something neat that I enjoyed was the Sprite and pet system. You can have one pet and one sprite out at any time to help you in fighting. Both the sprites and the pets can upgraded, enhanced, and evolved so that they can become more powerful. Sprites can also be used for things such as entering the Sprite Realm to fight epic bosses, treasure hunting, and they even have their own talent trees. There are a ton of pets to be made, and a lot of them actually look great. Looking at the Pet book, there seems to be a total of 108 possible pets right now and they span several different elements such as air, fire, water, and toxin. This is definitely one of the better features in the game, and the one that gets me most excited to play.

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

As i saw, this game have a big world map. In each map have so many place that can explore, from mountain to cave. But you can not jump in to the water :p. Lucky you have mount that you can ride to move faster from place to another.Ah~ when you using auto path finder, it will automatically ride the mount when they calculate the place is far.

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

Overall ..

ATO, It`s a good game. With many feature that makes auto, this game is good for kill some time and do another job. You can play for free or buy diamond, it`s all up to you.

If you have a slow connection, in some case you`ll got stuck. Just refresh your browser to fix it.

Enjoy your game :D



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