Recommended New Browser Games in September 2014

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1. League of Angels

League of Angels developed and posted by Youzu Interactive is an internet browser based MMORPG featuring quick turn-based combat. Players could craft strong militaries with their very own guardian angel to assist them. In the land of Etheria there’s a league of angels each reigning over different parts of human life and while it might have worked for countless years, something failed. The forces of darkness took the Seal of Life bring about the angels being powerless and now it’s up to the mankind and angels to work together to reclaim the Seal of Life.

League of Angels Screenshot

Graphically speaking League of Angels is pretty standard for free to play browser games from the East. It relies heavily on scantily clad women with…assets. While male characters come in one of two varieties, the pretty boy hero or the man beast monster thing. For most of the game the screen is cluttered with all of the different things available for people to take part in. The only time this isn’t true is when you’re in combat. The music is somewhat generic and though it helps with the mood some it is mostly unnecessary.

League of Angels Screenshot

If rating numbers went into the negative they would for innovation in this game. With mentions of “The One Ring” and an entire zone called “Forgotten Realm” they not only aren’t innovative with naming but they actually go and flat out rip off other popular titles from the fantasy genre! Add to that the Bejeweled and Farmville knockoffs and you really just have a game that knows how to copy/paste. There isn’t anything about League of Angels that is unique or new. The only thing that makes it new in any way is how it was slapped together to make it look new.

League of Angels Screenshot

There is quite a large emphasis placed on the social aspect of League of Angels. Though the chat system isn’t used for anything other than a recruitment tool the developers have found other ways to bring in socialization. It begins with congratulating your friends when you’re under level 30. You can earn gold by congratulating them and in turn they get gold for doing the same for you. Earn a level, get some gold. This creates a culture of “quick, friend EVERYONE” which will come in handy further down the line when you unlock team dungeons. There are guilds which can give you bonuses if you join. And there are at least 4 different ways to engage in PvP. Finally, there is the ability to watch other people’s fights after they’ve won. What qualifies them for being announced on the world chat channel remains a mystery but it does give an opportunity to size up the competition to know what kind of numbers they pull versus what your stats look like.



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