DDTank Fashion Show 2014

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KeyWord: DDTank 2,2D,Warfare,Fantasy


Think you got the goods? Think you got the looks? Why not how everyone what you’ve got in our first DDTank Fashion Show!

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Time: July 8-July 31, 2014

Rewards: Practice Pill Lv.2 (x10) , Energy Stone (x30), VIP coins x10


1.There are 4 themes for this event:

Strong & Mighty- A Champion among all people. A strong-willed player with a desire for power.

DDTank Screenshot

Cute & Adorable- It is the kind of person that you just can't say no to because he/she is so innocent.

DDTank Screenshot

Cool & Creative- Not an average Joe in Fashion. He/She leads in the latest fashion trends of DDTank.


DDTank Screenshot

The Victorious Smile- Participants would need to make a screenshot of their character's design and their "Victorious Face". A Victorious Smile can be found by claiming victory in a Sports Fight, a Boatyard Stage and can be seen when you are about to fire with a (POW!) attack.

2. The screenshot must contain the image of your character, equipment menu’s bag and make sure everyone can see it is your character and your equipment.

3. Format:

Theme+Nickname+Server+Design screenshot


1. All design materials must from version 2.0-4.2. You cannot use elements of other versions and the 5 sample images of this announcement.

2.Each player can only choose one theme.

3.At the end of the event, we will invite players to vote and choose 2 winners from each themes.

4. Rewards will be sent to the 8 winners within 5 days after the vote.



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