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Hello, everyone. Nice to see you again. It's a brand new start of July today. Besides, it's also time to recommend new browser games for you now. Do you still remember how many new games the developers brought to us during last month? Turn your eyes here and take a rest. I'll show you some fantastic new browser games now.


In Rainbow Saga, lovely heroes will defend their home- the Troonmill Continent and fight against not-so-scary monsters.

The story takes place on a fantasy land which is full of lovely characters and beautiful scenery that can match client-based games. The game contains amazing gameplay and exciting dungeon explorations. It is easy to play and simple to control, players will have fun exploring the rich content of the game.

Ranbow Saga Screenshot

Troonmill was a sacred land protected by seven artifacts. Optimistic and hardworking people lived happily on this continent until the arrival of the devil lord who invaded the land with his Dark Scythe. The governor of the City of Order stopped the devil lord’s army with Holy Knights. However the devil lord tried to destroy the City of Order withhis Dark Scythe. In this time of crisis, heroes of Troonmill stood up, they decided to sacrifice themselves in order to activate artifacts and seal the devil lord and his Dark Scythe. Troonmill returned to peace after this tragic war. However, discontent devils started planning another conspiracy, bringing disaster to Troonmill again.

Players of all ages will love watching their lovable Ranbow Saga heroes defeat the not-so-scary monsters trying to invade the Troonmill continent. A simple control scheme and easy to understand systems ensures gameplay remains fun and easy to understand no matter how frantic the battle becomes.

Ranbow Saga Screenshot

To defeat the devils, players will need to explore a variety of crazy and fun dungeons, from Hermit Crab’s Home and the Evil Gnome’s Cave, to the terrifying Dragon’s Tears, the mysterious Gothic Castle and the dangerous Witch’s Nest.

But be warned: everything is a threat when the devils come to Troonmill, even the once-harmless fruit can bite. It takes a real hero to defeat a pineapple ice cream with rabbit teeth.

Ranbow Saga Screenshot

In the meantime, gamers can enjoy a variety of other free online games with a Game321 account, including popular award-winning anime MMO’s, Pockie Ninja II Original and Pockie Pirates



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