PvE Servers Come to Monkey King Online!

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Monkey King Online:

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For many players, that's the whole point – but we know that not everyone enjoys open-world PvP. That's why we're launching three PvE Servers this week and next: S40 Artisan's Hand (PDT), S41 Silent City (GMT), and S42 Vulture Peak (EDT)!

How will PvE Servers work, you ask? Simple! Players on PvE servers will be unable to engage in PvP combat except in the following competitive modes, where PvP gameplay will be enabled:
Peach Banquet
Purgatory Derby
Fief War (so be careful if you AFK on Saturday)
3 Realms Conquest

Although open-world PvP will always be part of the MKO experience for the rest of our servers, we encourage players looking for a more peaceful take on Monkey King Online to give one of our PvE Servers a try. The competition between guilds will be just as fierce – but on our PvE Servers, you'll only fight the battles you choose!


S40 Artisan's Hand (PDT): will open at 09:00 PDT on June 26th. That's 12:00 EDT / 17:00 GMT, and 00:00 GMT +8 on June 27th.

S41 Silent City (GMT): will open at 13:00 GMT on June 28th. That's 06:00 PDT /08:00 EDT, and 20:00 GMT +8.

S42 Vulture Peak (EDT): will open at 10:00 EDT on June 30th. That's 07:00 PDT / 15:00 GMT, and 22:00 GMT +8.
Check out the awesome New Server Events, and stay tuned for more info!



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