League of Angels New Hero: Earthshaker!

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League of Angels:

Earthshaker’s true name has long since been forgotten; however, it is easy to see where his nickname came from. His powerful physique and endurance are but two aspects he inherited from his Herculean lineage. A single step will cause those nearby to think a thunderstorm is approaching. He is the only one capable of maneuvering his deadly weapon, and no one survives his deadly strike.

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Hero Class: Warrior
Hero Position: Melee Tank
Development Growth: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Hero Skill: Thunder Strike
Consumes 50 Rage to cast. The strike deals (155% Normal ATK +800) basic damage to the 2 enemies who possess the lowest percentage of HP. The lower the enemies’ HP percentage, the higher the damage will be (cause extra damage to all enemies without full HP). Executioner will be triggered when target’s HP is lower than 24% (Executioner causes death to the target whenever it hits). Damage caused increases by 8% every time Executioner is triggered. (This skill ignores Deception.)

System Improvements

Raiders: A maximum level pop-up was added to Raiders after the Explore EXP bar reaches the cap of Lvl. 4.

Guild: Guild level was raised to Lvl. 45, Guild Flag level was raised to Lvl. 15.

Angel Interface: Angels will be placed in the following order: Nyssa-Aoede-Amora-Mikaela-Alecta-Victoriana.

Runes: Rune levels will be increased to Lvl. 10

House of Cards: the icon for House of Cards will be changed from Trickster to Earthshaker.



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