Wartune Introduction of Sylph Divinity

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Her, Medusa. One of the three Gorgons. Legend says that a look into her eyes would turn you into stone immediately. Him, the son of Poseidon. He carries a twisted conch shell, upon which he blows either violently or gently, to stir up or calm the waves. Protecting the underworld gates, there stands Cerberus, the three-headed massive dog whose appetite for live meat is enormous. He only allows the spirits of the dead to freely enter the underworld, but none of them may leave once they get in. Hercules, the son of Zeus, is the man who once killed Nemean Lion bare-handedly. All of them now are waiting to be called and fight by your side.

The new version 2.46-3 will bring you new Sylphs through the new function of refining Sylphs: Medusa, Triton, Cerberus and Hercules.

These new sylphs have more advanced stats and more powerful skills then everything you've seen before. And you can enjoy any of them!

Overview of Refine

1. A sylph needs to have at least reached level 60 and Purple Quality in order to be Refined.

2. For two of the new sylphs, Medusa or Triton, you need to have already reached least level 70 to call them.

3. Requirements of Refinement:

Pan + Star Tear-Wind + Star Sand + certain amount of Gold = Medusa

Iris + Star Tear-Water + Star Sand + certain amount of Gold = Triton

Amazon + Star Tear-Fire + Star Sand + certain amount of Gold = Cerberus

Gaia + Star Tear-Electro + Star Sand + certain amount of Gold = Hercules 

4. Sylph Refine Panel (Sylph of wind, in this case):

5. Sylphs

Wartune Screenshot


Wartune Screenshot

How to obtain Refining material

1. Star Tear: there are six different types of Star Tear according to their attributes. Source: Sky Trail.

2. Star Sand: basic material for Refinement. Source: Sky Trail.



1. Open the Sylph Refine panel and click the Sylph you want to Refine. If the requirements for Refining are satisfied, you can have a preview of what it would look after the Refinement, including its appearance and stats. If not, it will show you that the sylph is not yet ready for Refinement.

2. The level and skills of the original sylph will be passed on to the new sylph, while the aptitudes of the original sylph will be passed on to the new one partially. You can pass all aptitudes on to the new one by spending a certain amount of Balens.

3. The new sylph has more aptitude potential and more powerful skills.



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