Endless Fury's Mix-and-Match Combos

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Endless Fury is a breath taking side-scrolling arcade-style action MMORPG that gives players the freedom to design and unleash their very own devastating combos.

Players take on the role of a proud young warrior fighting a shady secret organization trying to overthrow justice. On their journey of self-discovery through Endless Fury's world of many layers, players will encounter a plethora of bizarre monsters, face-off against epic bosses, tackle unique quests and enjoy a variety of fun, fast-paced PVP features.

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When it comes to kicking ass, it's best to get creative! Endless Fury warriors are presented with an assortment of base skills to combine however they wish, building powerful combos with a mix of kicks, punches, and insane special abilities.

Every player character can learn up to 4 different skills, each of which can be upgraded with Rage Points to improve and modify their effects. Endless Fury has launched with 14 unique skills to combine, ranging from speedy Dash Strikes and Spin Kicks, to heavy hitting Sacred Meteor and Whirl Cut special attacks.

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Available skills vary for both heroes and heroines, with each gender given a pool of 7 base skills to upgrade and combine.


Dash Strike:Attacks an enemy quickly before pushing the caster forward and finishing off with a heavy blow

Drop Kick: A wicked combination of elbows and skyward kicks

Spin Kick:An upside down whirlwind kick that covers enemies in a flurry of blurred feet

Dragon Dance:A traditional but lethal combo of elbow, leg, knee, fist and palm attacks

Sacred Meteor:Transform into a deadly meteor that launches into the sky and crashes to earth with incredible force

Energy Impact:Another aerial assault, except this time an enemy is whipped into the air before being slammed into the ground, causing an energy wave that damages other opponents

Qigong Cannon:Players can gather Qi to unleash some truly incredible moves, such as this cannon, which turns your body into a plasma ball and creates continuous damage until it explodes

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Endless Fury Screenshot


Gale Stab: Dash, lift and stab – any enemy getting in the way of this storm is in for a world of pain

Swallow Hit:A fast and deadly flurry of sword strikes with a final slash capable of downing enemies. Can also be released mid air

Tornado Strike:Jump, spin, and unleash a tornado of pain on your enemies

Air Slash:Slash every enemy in the vicinity before releasing a final blow that causes massive damage

Blade Flash:A disorientating move that sees the caster knock enemies skywards, then attack them from behind as they land

Soulbreak Thrust:A killer chain attack that continuously builds into a final blast

Whirl Cut: A special move combining aerial grace, twin blades and plenty of brute force – any enemy caught in this whirl is destined for a quick exit

Endless Fury Screenshot

Endless Fury Screenshot




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