Panzer General Online: Open Beta Brings Complete Account Wipe

Date: May 06 2014 20:43:05 Source: Press Release Views:
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After months of thorough closed beta testing, Ubisoft is ready to open the gates to Panzer General Online. Anyone that is interested in jumping into a war-torn browser game, playing through historically accurate missions and rising to power by engaging in strategic battles can now do so. Both singleplayer campaigns and multiplayer content will keep you busy for hours as long as you always keep an eye on your resources. Moving up in this free strategy game goes hand in hand with having an impressive army of troops at your disposal - whether that’s tanks, infantry or artillery units.


Now that you no longer need a beta key to play Panzer General Online, everyone can join the fight after signing up for the browser game. This means that there’s a surge of new players ready to conquer the online world - and to keep things fair, all progress has been wiped from the servers to guarantee an even playing field for both strategy veterans and newbie generals. Closed beta participants can expect to be rewarded for giving valuable feedback, however.



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