Appirits Released New Phoenix Card & Updates for Shikihime Garden

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Appirits, the Japanese game developer and publisher has recently announced the latest Shikihime character called Phoenix for their mix browser-based casual game of card & simulation Shikihime Garden on March 25th 2014.

Shikihime Garden is an interesting combination of simulation and card-based gameplay which was first developed and published by Appirits Inc. in Japan in February 2013 and since then gained certain popularity and positive feedbacks. The game requires players to battle against numerous enemies to collect new cards and items which later can be used as decorations in their small but cute gardens.


At the present, there are 7 races of Shikihime (female units) that players can summon by using Power (charged points) or combining from other normal cards through Unity feature. Lately a brand new Shikihime card named Phoenix, the legendary bird, has been added to the Shikihime roster. Being a skillful archer, Phoenix owns high Agility that will be useful in quick battles. Like other Shikihime, Phoenix can be acquired by summoning or combining cards. And players need to have 4 Phoenix cards to unlock this Shikihime’s actions, including walk, talk, eat and play in the garden. Players can check the total list of available Shikihime at
To mark the release moment, Appirits also doubled the summon rate for Phoenix and give some valuable items for any player who summon Phoenix successfully for the first time.

Besides, there are some updates and events announced along with the release of the new Shikihime, such as the brand new ranking table with more rewards, story quests unlocked to Player Level 10, and new subjugation points for combat. Specifically, from March 25th to April 8th, any player who can manage to clear newly opened subjugation points on map lv.2 will be rewarded with more items in addition to normal battle loots. Details of rewards can be found on the main website:


Moreover, a Facebook event is also started to help expand Shikihime Garden’s fan base. For 1 week since March 25th, if players join in the game and ask their friends to like its Facebook page up to a certain amount of likes, Appirits will unlock special treats like limited time of double battle exp, battle coins or give free items for all players! Link to their Facebook page:

Shikihime Garden is available for Free-to-Play on most popular browsers nowadays at

Key features:
* Lovely Shikihime staying, playing, eating and… sleeping in the garden for real
* Abundant of beautiful items to decorate the garden
* A variety of collectible charming Shikihime and hideous monster cards built with well balance for building decks
* Unique combination modes to craft more powerful and rare cards
* Extremely difficult boss battles for encouraging team cooperation
* Multi-level quests suited for all players to get valuable loots and reach new battlefields
* No booster packs! Obtain powerful cards through time, patience, and luck!
* Free-to-play, no downloaded needed!

Link to Shikihime Garden's media kit:

About Appirits:
Appirits (formerly known as KBMJ) is a corporation specialized in developing Internet systems and services. Appirits has participated in the web game market since 2010 and is creating many new games with nearly 11 years of experience in the web industry.



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