Storm's View Inferno Legend: First Look

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Another Gpaw yay, but this one is after my heart. It's basically a hybrid of Final Fantasy Tactics and Breath of Fire. You older gamers out there may be like wtf? But it works and looks really good in a browser. Something not always easy to do these days.

The story is a twist because this time you're the bad guys. But the good guys are doing all the wrong. And you as one of 4 non changeable protaganist. Must flesh out your own story in the world. The game has a power system that is par for the course with most browser games. Which does mean pay to win comes into play. Just not as much as other games out there.

The animations and cinematic attacks look good. The characters customization in attacks is limited but fun. The voices however you just have to hear it for yourself. It's clearly not the strong point of the game. In all it's a nice game for you vintage mmo'ers out there. Team play comes in later in the game. But here's a nice catch to that.If you get into a strong alliance/guild. And have pay2win friends you can call on them in a fight. So someone else's pay2win can be your pay2win too.



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