Conduit & Front-Line Join the Transformers Universe

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The guys and girls over at Jagex are introducing their cast of playable characters for the upcoming free-to-play MOTA Transformers Universe. The studio first revealed the Decepticon Duststorm and the Autobot Meltdown. Now, it’s time for the next duo to find their way into the online game.

Front-Line belongs to a revolutionary group called Autobots who have made it their goal to restore their home planet after it was destroyed during a massive civil war. Former vigilante turned Autobot, Front-Line, has always been quite skilled at holding his own on the battlefield. As a close range fighter, he will annihilate anything and anyone with his orbital minigun, his riot hand axes, and his high-rise hammer. Not only is he quite powerful, but also very quick in running down inimical forces.


Conduit belongs to a group of mechs calling themselves Decepticons, who have made it their goal to gain control of their home planet by using force and violence in a bitter counter revolution. Conduit is not only a brutal killer, but also an effective healer who has learned to balance attacking, defending, and repairing. His strong defenses make him quite efficient in healing his allies, while his blaster rifle, his shotgun, and his pistols make him an offensive force to be reckoned with.


The free-to-play MOTA will soon begin its first (limited) public testing phase. The studio has just started sending out invitations for Transformers Universe’s closed beta. The first phase of testing will focus on different game modes making sure that they are not only functional, but also enjoyable. Everyone that has not yet found an invitation in their email inbox should not be too bummed out. Publisher Jagex has already promised that the closed beta will be expanded shortly.



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