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Did you know that Project: Velyria has professions? Unless you attended our livestream event on March 8th, chances are you didn't know. Due the colony's notable supply shortage and its reduced workforce, many Velyrian colonists have found that their personal reserves are dwindling fast. For most, the only way forward is to learn a profession.


What Are Professions?

Professions form the backbone of the Velyrian economy, allowing players to craft medical supplies, armour, weaponry, and other assorted goods. Each profession focuses on producing a different type of item necessary to the survival of the colony. Professions can be subdivided into tiers, with the bottom-tier professions refining basic materials and the top-tier professions purchasing and using those refined materials.

Choosing A Profession

Once you have reached level 5, you will be presented with five choices for your profession: the Weapons Manufacturer, the Armour Architect, the Mineralogist, the Hacker, or the Chemist. Taking up a profession won't only help beef up your inventory; it can also help you earn credits. Many products you craft can be sold or traded to other players.

Professions Announcement:



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