Rising Cities: Big Plans for the Next Months

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Keeping players interested is no easy feat in the fast world of free-to-play titles. Bigpoint is always trying to cater to the community’s wishes by continuously introducing new buildings, playfields or bonus codes to Rising Cities. Additionally, the developers took their time last year to figure out what it was that turned players away from the colorful browser game. The answer was easy: Frustrating gameplay experiences. Now, mayors from all over the world have something to look forward to, as some of these things will soon change for the better, says Bigpoint. Here’s what is coming to Rising Cities in 2014:

  • New Quests: Easy tutorials and more high-level quests and events in March
  • Workshop: New Home Improvement options and the ability to craft your own
  • More Loot-o-Matic Items: More content to hopefully get your hands on every couple of months
  • Additional Playfields: More ways to expand your city in May and later this year
  • Social Features: Ways for players to interact with each other (gifts, epic buildings and more)
  • Rent Collector: Soon to be not quite as expensive and available as quests rewards

It looks like Bigpoint (DarkOrbit) has big plans for Rising Cities this year and is working hard on giving players more content to really sink their teeth into. These changes will not be implemented all at once, so expect more information on each and every one of the features above to trickle in soon!



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