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Bamberg, March 6 1014. upjers, developers of free-to-play browser games, have started their game portal in Iran ( Here, players can sign up for three successful online games such as Kapi Hospital, My Free Zoo and My Free Farm with just one password.

upjers are delighted to be able to announce the launch of their Iranian portal. For a total of seven years now, the company has been releasing numerous successful online games. Now, the developers of free-to-play browser games have made their gaming portal available to all players in Iran. Signing up with your email-address will automatically gain you access to three upjers games: the tycoon and business simulation games Kapi Hospital, My Free Zoo and My Free Farm are all available in Persian here.

It’s not just the translators that have worked on the Iranian portal; the company’s developers have also done their share and repositioned all buttons, textboxes and forms for the use of Iranian players. As European languages tend to use left-to-right writing, this was necessary to make the Portal usable in Persian as well. upjers’ graphic artists, too, have done their share of work and adapted the portal’s images: while pigs, for instance, are at home on almost every European farm, this might have been a slightly unusual sight in a Muslim country.

Finally, all elements are adapted, and the portal is ready to welcome the Iranian community. The portal doesn’t just give players the advantage of being able to play three games with just one account, however, but offers further convenient features on top of that. Thanks to the game portal, players will notice at once when a new game has been released in Persian. Needless to say, they are also able to give their feedback, which will be passed on the company’s respective teams of developers via the portal.

upjers’ new Iranian game portal is available under starting now.

About upjers:

upjers ( founded in 2006 and headquartered in Bamberg, Germany are one of the foremost developers and publishers of browser games. Over 60 million players worldwide have registered in at least one game of upjers. Their diverse portfolio comprises action, strategy, and social games and offers a thrilling gaming experience for all players in more than 26 languages. upjers' browser games have their finger on the pulse of their community and offer motivation, passion and suspense on a steady high level: awards such as “Browser Game of the Year” and “MMO of the Year” confirm this statement! Employee or part of the community, the perspective matters little: Anybody who loves games is welcome!



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