Dark Expanse: Have You Captured a Planet Today? - Announcing the Logorasch Invasion Event

Date: Jan 21 2014 23:27:07 Source: Games Press Views:
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On January 24rd 2014, the Logorasch Invasion Event will begin in Dark Expanse. The Logorasch, due to rapid population growth, overcrowding, and a lack of resources, will abandon their planets and seek to invade a new homeland. Over the next ten days, this energetic and unstable race will swarm from their underground lairs and threaten the galaxy.  Are you ready to help stop this menace?

Both the Andromeda galaxy, specifically designed for a relaxed style of play, and the Black Eye 4X speed galaxy, designed for an intensive play style, are open to new and experienced gamers.

Dark Expanse universe continues its dynamic evolution.   A new galactic history story by William Snee entitled “Whatever happened to the Zxylar?” has been added.  As you can see, there's no better time to join the growing number of Dark Expanse players. So have you captured a planet today?

Dark Expanse is a free to play browser based galactic strategy game. The game offers players the chance to control their own fleet of spaceships, capture solar systems, and the opportunity to become an intergalactic legend. Go to Dark Expanse and sign up for free today.

About Deorc Enterprise

Deorc Enterprise, started in 2009, is a company involved in online game development. Deorc Enterprise strives to deliver new and exciting content ideas, and unique gameplay features for its current browser based game Dark Expanse.

About Dark Expanse

Dark Expanse© is a free-to-play, massive multi-player online real-time strategy game of galactic conquest. Local commanders develop their resources, improve their planets, colonize new worlds, research new technologies and build space fleets while defending their territory and conquering enemy worlds. Choose your friends and allies carefully because mutual offensive, defensive and navigational capabilities can be achieved through combining forces with other commanders.



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