Naruto Saga Gets Formation Face Lift

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Publisher IceGames Co. Ltd has today detailed the new Formation Interface giving players more battle options than ever before in Naruto team-combat MMO, Naruto Saga.

Available now on the portal, Naruto Saga brings a fresh set of gameplay experiences into the world of the fabled Naruto anime series. Combining tactical one-on-one battle systems with quick time events (QTEs), dynamic quest systems based on Naruto plots, powerful Beast Summoning, exciting Arena PK and mysterious Ninja Transformation features, Naruto Saga gives players immense freedom while challenging them to use wisdom and courage to overcome obstacles as they strive to become the top ninja in the land.

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Players are given 10 different types of ninjas to partner them in battle, each with their own unique skills benefits. Any 3 characters can be taken into battle as partners, where players can assign their team skills and set them up in formations for victory.

Available now, the new Formation Interface provides ninjas with a variety of tactical options before, during, and after battle – all wrapped up in a clean, intuitive layout.

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Ninja types are grouped into categories to streamline selection, and active members are highlighted for quick reference in the heat of battle. Using the Partners Position Array, players can switch their characters position with ease at any moment, and it's even possible to enhance partner skills with a few simple clicks; lending a dynamic tactical edge to Naruto Saga's intense team combat.

Ninjas can also recruit new partners within the new Formation Interface, which they should do regularly to keep their team fresh and enemies on their toes.

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Partners are recruited by spending Recruit Points, although Ingots and Coupons can also be used if players find themselves short. The recruitment process is a game of chance: players are presented with a selection of face-down cards, which they must choose one to turn over. If a desirable character is revealed and the player has enough Card Shards to recruit them, they instantly join the team.

Naruto Saga Screenshot

Potential partners are divided into 4 types: S-rank, A-rank, B-rank and C-rank. The higher the level, the higher the power they bring to combat.

With careful team selection and formation set ups, players can guarantee that every characters ability is used to its most devastating potential.

Naruto Saga Screenshot

Naruto Saga is free-to-play and available now! Interested players can register at the official website here:

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