Alfheim Tales Online: Battle in Game VS in Real Life

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A recent event held by Alfheim Tales Online Official shows an interesting topic about the last words in game battle. This forum and Facebook event called "The Last Words" attracted many players joined, the event time is Jan.10th to Jan.24th SEA (GMT+8). Many players intended to join this event to create the last word at the last moment before start their battle. Those entries are clashing to stand out.

The world is not short of battle. We battle in the game and also battle in real life all the time. You may feel confuse about that. Actually, it is a short battle while we fight in game, but in real world we may have to fight for our lover, fight for our honor or even fight for the living. Comparing with battle in real time, at the last of battle moment, what you will think and what would you say to your rival?

Real time battle is one of the major game features in Alfheim Tales Online. This creative event theme would certainly call out players' imagination and creativity. You may image the fight starts in the game and create a dialogue at the last moment before battle. Without further ado, let's enjoy some artwork created by lovely players of Alfheim Tales Online.

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

If you found a spark went through your mind, you may check on the Alfheim Tales Online office site and join this event.

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