Cyber Monster 2 Gets a Massive Content Update

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NGames, a leading online games publisher and developer, has today announced a new content-filled update available now in popular pet-collecting fantasy MMO sequel, Cyber Monster 2. The update has been released to prepare players ahead of the anticipated Chapter 2: Age of Dragon expansion, coming soon.

A free-to-play MMO on the online games portal, Cyber Monster 2 takes place hundreds of years after the events of the original Cyber Monster, when the return of ferocious dragons threatens the new found peace of the Nezor continent. With new gameplay mechanics based on the latest browser-based technologies, a plethora of new pets to collect and vibrant new graphics that deliver an eye-popping experience, Cyber Monster 2 expands on everything players loved about the original Cyber Monster adventure.

Cyber Monster 2

With 2013 nearly over, and the Cyber Monster franchise celebrating it's first anniversary, NGames has rolled out a massive content-filled update to prepare Cyber Monster 2 players for the anticipated Chapter 2: Age of Dragon expansion.

With Chapter 2 launching soon, pet-collecting adventurers can now prepare for the challenges ahead by making use of powerful brand new sets; taking on a new Warlord Challenge ladder tournament; and by exploring the new Lost Continent – Ancient Ruins, which is filled with super strong monster and tons of new pets.

The new sets come courtesy of the Nezor continent, where craftsmen created a new smelting technology using power armours and ores after defeating Bahamut. The new smelting options mean players can now upgrade their S-60 and S-80 equipment to be stronger than ever before, with unique upgrades available for all three classes. Visiting the NPC in the City of Light is definitely the new go-to strategy for stronger equipment.

Cyber Monster 2

Cyber Monster 2

Players smelt new equipment by exchanging collected materials found throughout Cyber Monster 2's expansive world. Every set has 6 parts for a full upgrade, which correspond to the 6 character equipment slots, minus necklace and ring. Not only do the new sets come with dazzling special effects, but they also enhance and upgrade pet powers too!

Cyber Monster 2

New equipment can be put to the test in the Warlord Challenge – an area for ambitious warriors looking to test their wits and courage. Warlord Challenge is as much about brains as it is brawn, so adventurers are advised to spend time on their tactics as well as their equipment.

Players can freely challenge each other in the Warlord Challenge and will win points for every victory they earn. Activity is heavily rewarded, and the more winning streaks a player gets, the more points they bag! Points are redeemable for all kinds of items in the Point Shop.

Cyber Monster 2

There's a catch to the Warlord Challenge however – players can only initiate battles once per-day, and when they lose it's all over. Harder yet – HP is not replenished between battles, and pet and player attack speed decrease whenever a new challenge is made.

The new Ancient Ruins Continent is a lost island packed from coast-to-coast with strong monsters to battle and never-before-seen pets to tame. 18 monster forts, challenge achievements, and legendary pets all lay in wait, and, after conquering the first map, players can even advance onto the mysterious Shadowmoon Kingdom.


It's party time in Cyber Monster II! To join the open beta fun,interested gamers can head over to the Cyber Monster II website and register for free now:




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