Warfare Beta Introduces New Alliance War Modes

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NGames, a leading online games publisher, is today excited to announce the introduction of two new alliance-based war modes to free-to-play strategy/RPG/simulation MMO, Warfare.

Available now on the portal, Warfare plunges players deep into the heart of war and challenges them to use team-based tactics and strategy to survive. Managing armed forces, developing a mini-country through city-building, challenging other players, teaming up with real and fictional heroes, and defeating the nefarious Dark Alliance is all in a day's work when it's all out Warfare!

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With the Warfare raging strong following the game's full launch on December 16th, and the Dark Alliance causing all manner of mischief, publisher NGames has today released two new alliance modes to put player's tactical and teamwork skills to the test – Ruins War and Resource War.

Ruins War

Following the destructive WWIII, the borders of every country are now littered with valuable ruins of various sizes. With the new Ruins War mode, these once great objects and buildings are now objectives that can be captured by players!

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Occupying ruins vastly increases the earnings of a player's "Alliance Welfare", which is a free daily reward handed out to all Alliance members. Different size ruins contain different rewards for all alliance members, including silver, honor points, and various items.

With ruins located on the borders of countries, they are exposed to pretty much every passing player, and are therefore constantly up for grabs. Tactical captains will need to become inspirational leaders to ensure their alliance occupies and maintains control over as many ruins as possible, as other alliances will want them as well!

Alliances are limited to controlling 1 large ruin, 1 medium ruin, and 3 small ruins, and will need to choose wisely to reap the maximum benefits.

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Resource War

Unlike the Ruins War, Resource War is a direct Alliance vs. Alliance showdown, complete with rankings to determine the strongest alliance on the planet (per server). However, much like the Ruins War, coordination and team strategy is key to success, rather than individual power.

Here, alliance members are thrown onto a single map with resource points placed at fixed locations. The goal is to gather as many resources as possible before the timer runs out, with the winner being the Alliance with the most resources.

Different locations have different resource values, with the highest level resource points located in the middle of the map and away from each alliance's starting area. Alliances with stronger players could steamroll their way to the center of the map and try to take the most valuable points, but those with less power can still gather player numbers and circle around the outside, making use quantity-over-quality tactics to secure more resource points. A war for resources is all about staying one step ahead of the enemy!

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Resource War victories are rewarded with EXP, items, silver, and coupons. There are also special rewards for individuals who fulfill special conditions, such as gathering the most resource points or killing the most enemies.


Warfare is an exciting new strategy/RPG/simulation available now on the portal. Players wishing to start the war on an equal playing field can register now and team up with legendary figures both real and fiction, from James Bond to Margaret Thatcher!

Interested gamers can visit the Warfare official website and play for free now:

Official Site:



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