All Aboard! Full Speed Ahead for SteamPower1830 Open Beta

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Hamburg, 19 December 2013: With today's launch of the open beta version of SteamPower1830, all players and railway aficionados can now indulge in this captivating cross-platform strategy game. Send the beautifully crafted steam trains on their way across European lands, regardless of whether you are playing on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. All you need to play is a current browser and an Internet connection. See your railroad empire flourish in the age of Europe's industrial revolution between 1830 and 1930. Establish cities, trade resources and build your own, elaborate and freely configurable railway network. The open beta features additional maps for the single-player campaign and introduces gold as a new resource, guaranteeing long-lasting fun for all SteamPower1830 players.

The first game from Hamburg-based start-up Hexagon Game Labs is picking up speed. The open beta edition of SteamPower1830 now gives all interested players unrestricted access to the challenging strategy game. Jumping right into the emerging age of the steam train, players are guided by their own imagination as they create a dynamic railroad world with prospering cities and an expanding network of railway lines. The game does not reenact historical events, nor does it aim to provide exact representations of the steam trains of yore. Rather, the main focus is on the sheer fun of playing and the excitement of solving the challenges this F2P game provides.

In the campaign, the player drives the proliferation of railroads across Europe, unlocking country after country in the process. The aim is to construct and manage railway lines, stations and locomotives to transport goods, with complete freedom for the layout of cities and the track network. The primary objective, however, is to gain the resources that will allow your cities to flourish and your railway empire to prosper.

The in-game chat function lets players communicate and add friends across platforms. Whether it is between PC and iPad, or Mac and smartphone – all combinations are possible.

The overview on is continuously updated and lists the end devices with optimized support for SteamPower1830.

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Open Beta Feature List

  • Comprehensive European campaign
  • Business and building game with a meticulously crafted, vibrant game world
  • Golden age of steam trains in Europe from 1830 to 1930
  • Game world freely configurable with no limitations on city and railway network layout
  • Hex-grid map with strategic depth for spatial planning
  • Countless train models, buildings and upgrades
  • Gold added as a resource to the merchandise management system
  • Proprietary, powerful Ubique Game Engine based on HTML5
  • Playable on all devices – PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone
  • Requires only a current browser and Internet connection
  • Cloud technology for interruption-free system changes during a running game
  • Cross-platform in-game chat
  • Free-to-play online game

About Hexagon Game Labs

Hexagon Game Labs GmbH was established in April 2013 as an independent development studio and game publisher. Basing their business in Hamburg, the two founders, Jan-Hendrik Ohl and Peter Cukierski, chose a well-established game industry location. By developing the revolutionary Ubique Game Engine, the Hexagon Game Labs team has made platform-independent Premium HTML5 Games a reality. The Ubique Game Engine is not only a game engine for HTML5-based online games, but also a complete tool system and production pipeline. Games based on the Ubique Game Engine run on any advanced operating system, including Android, iOS and Windows and on all current gaming platforms, whether it is a tablet, smartphone, PC, console or smart TV. A single click takes players straight into the game on their browsers. More information is provided on



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