Alfheim Tales Online - Mount Up In Cutest Fashion!

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Alfheim Tales Online, a game that can be played within 3 seconds and is exclusively operated by Ray Media Group Ltd., illustrates a 3D fantasy world that teems with hundreds of unimaginably cute pets, including, domineering Ice Dragons, Raptors, Mammoths, legendary Unicorns, Ghost Horses, or even modern Aircraft and Tanks, and a lot more!

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

An Apple A Day Keeps Cuteness Away!

Speaking of apples, people tend to flash on the Witch who poisoned Snow White. But what would the Witch ride in the air? Exactly, that's Broomstick, which is believed to be the rider for the Witches in the legends. Also, “Harry Potter" might not be a stranger to all of you, and probably you'll be pretty much interested in the Nimbus 2000, right?

In Alfheim Tales Online, every newcomer in Royal Magic School will be given a next-gen broomstick - Meteor. Though you don't seem that intimate like the Four Elemental Sprites do, you're still allowed to compete a Quiddich contest while riding your broomstick.

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

When the Cat's Away, the Little Plane Plays CUTE!

The modern mechanical bodies look very much metallic, and little girls don't even take a look at them, at all.

However, we present to all girls the cute, magic little planes. With the exaggerated body and catchy design, girls would definitely fall in love with it at first glance. When you fly the little plane, you can shout out loud "Cap'n Cutie, Standing By!", or "I'm Ace Pilot, Captain Cutie."

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

A Huge Cloud of Fantasy Candy Floss Moves In

When you're walking in the street, and all of a sudden the dark cloud moves in and tries to dump water all over you. Don't panic! But you might ask, what should I do? Well, you should point at that dark cloud, and shout "Whoa, how big the candy floss is!"

In Alfheim Tales Online, all clouds are colourful and unique. You can mimic Goku and sit on one of the clouds to fly. And when the danger finds you, a word of "Somersault" will help you get away.

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

As a person who loves acting cute, which cute pets will be your companion? Let's wait and find out! We'll see you in the love-filled, mysterious, magical and fantasy Carlyle of Alfheim Tales Online!

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

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