Top 10 Evilest Companies in Games

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As the winter coming, is it becoming difficult for you to get up every morning? So I am. Every morning when I was awaken up by the alarm, I said to myself why not just resign and keep sleeping? But after a while, I got up and came to company reluctantly. At this time, I can't help complaining why my company requires us come to work so early.

However, compared with my company, there are some other companies that are much eviler in games. Today let's take a look at those companies and see which one is the evilest one in video games.

10. Abstergo Industries in Assassin's Creed

As the greatest industrial force the Templars owned, Abstergo shared the same beliefs as the Templars; order and discipline through power and control. They thought they can rebuild the peace of this world, but they didn't know that no one want to accept such "peace".

Abstergo Industries

9. Trevor Philips Enterprises in Grand Theft Auto V

In GTA V, Trevor Philips is such a mad man. He is cruel and violent, and finally he build a criminal empire named Trevor Philips Enterprises, which is mainly about the drug trafficking and the sale of gun. We can see the influence of it everywhere in game.

Trevor Philips Enterprises

8. Cerberus in Mass Effect

Cerberus is not a traditional company, but there are plenty of employees working for it. They kill not only the aliens, but also the humans who are against them.


7. Aesir Corporation in Max Payne

The Aesir Corporation is a major pharmaceutical company. They are the manufacturers of the illegal drug Valkyr. The company also has a private army which Max Payne does battle with.

Aesir Corporation

6. Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil

From the beginning of the game we know Umbrella Corporation caused all the problems. As the story goes, they become larger and larger. It seems they have endless experiments, and the only question is how to make those virus profitable.

Umbrella Corporation



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