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It's been a remarkable week for Alfheim Tales Online since the grand launch of its Closed Beta on Nov. 27th. As the beta testing progresses, this 3D fantasy MMORPG, operated exclusively by Ray Media Group Ltd, has showcased a wide range of diverse pets and sprites in a beautifully rendered virtual world to its CBT players.

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You might wonder how to start off. When first stepping into the land of Carlyle, everyone needs a mentor. Now, follow up!

First off, you need to find "Mentorship Officer" in Star City or Noshua Town. And then, select a teacher from the mentor list and click "Apply". Wait for the application to be passed. Of course, when you reach level 30, you can be a mentor, too! Open the mentorship window and select "Recruit". Input the student's name to finish the recruitment.

For both of the teacher and the student, the mentorship can be dissolved whenever you want. The teacher can "Expel" a trouble-maker student, and the student can choose to "Drop Out" if he's unhappy with the teacher.

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Here comes the question – How to find a good mentor? As a matter of fact, you would see many players in the Mentor List. First, you will need to find out who's online. Don't rush. Take some time talking to them and try to know them a little bit more through your communication before you proceed to the next step.

Besides, you don't want to follow a mentor of different class because only those who bear the same blood will give the best advices and guidance. With all that being said, learning from a mentor whose class is the same as yours is beneficial, even if his knowledge of this class doesn't suffice, some good advices will still pop up for the better development in your early stage.

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Most importantly, always keep this in mind: the best mentors aren't those who know the game too well. Just the opposite, those who are willing to spend time with their apprentices, do quests together, and venture in instances are the best mentors. They wholeheartedly think of what's best for their apprentices, and never back down from challenges.

Adventurers, join us in Alfheim Tales Online! The best mentors in Carlyle are waiting for you!

Hurry up and prepare for the Star Night Training, only in Alfheim Tales Online!

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