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NGames unveils details for Pockie Defense, a new tower defense game starring famous fairy tale characters available now on the online games portal

NGames, a leading online games publisher, is today delighted to reveal Pockie Defense, a brand new tactical tower defense game starring well-known fairytale characters, currently in open beta on the online games portal.

The Witch and her immortal troops have invaded the kind-hearted residents of Fairytale Land, using witchcraft to turn them into monster servants. After opening a Magic Book by chance, players are transported into the gorgeous dark fairy tale and must band together with everybody from Little Red Riding Hood to Peter Pan to stop the witch and her monster troops, before it's too late. Building unique towers, repelling viscous monsters, and working alongside famous characters with unique special abilities - Pockie Defense is a new breed of Tower Defense game, and a fairy tale unlike any other.

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The Wicked Witch cannot be fought alone, so plucky adventurers must seek out new fairy tale team members to help them set up defenses and survive. Players can recruit new partners at the BAR, where fairy tale characters go to unwind and socialise after their story-filled days. Here, players can offer to buy characters a drink in exchange for their help on the manning the defense towers.

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Partners are split into five colour coded ranks, from weakest to strongest: D Rank (White), C Rank (Green), B Rank (Blue), A Rank (Red), and S Rank (Golden). Each potential team member enjoys a different drink, and it is up to players to choose and offer the right beverage if they want to leave the BAR with the strongest comrades possible. Who knows what kind of team can be amassed if some rare beer is offered up!

Pockie Defense Screenshot

It isn't just the Witch out to make trouble though, other players are looking to aggressively expand their influence too. The main PvP mode, Scuffle, allows players to square off against one another in epic tower defense battles for glory, EXP, and precious Prestige.

In Scuffle, players choose up to nine team members and may equip five rare artifacts to modify their powers, such as life giving HP boosts and powerful attack enhancements. The army of fairytale characters can then be marched into battle and launch an attack on any opponent on the world map. The winner is announced when all opponents are defeated – so choose your fairytale team wisely!

Pockie Defense Screenshot

Interested gamers can visit the official website and play for free now:

Official Site: Facebook: Twitter:

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