Watch Out! Hunt for NPC Beauties in Alfheim Tales Online Begins!

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With the top-notch animation style in graphics for Alfheim Tales Online, the 3D microclient-based MMORPG presents us a storied fantasy world of Sprites and enigmas with the well-known Greek Mythology serving as the background! At 10:00 AM (GMT+8), November 27th, we'd like to have you join us to take a tour in Star City, and find out the gorgeous NPC beauties before the closed beta kicks off!

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Let's now jump right on the bandwagon! Speaking of the most gorgeous beauty in Star City, it's indubitable that the title belongs to the noble Princess Tricia. Tricia stays in the garden out of the town, with scowls all over her face. The pinky hair and the big bright eyes make her look like an angel. In addition, her delicate dress of pink and white also makes her even more distinguished and splendid.

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

Next stop, we're going to find out about a blonde. In the Garden Square of Star City, Thanksgiving Emissary Flameheart is standing tall there. The blonde bears a resemblance to a little fairy in Greek Mythology, and her swirled-up pigtail stands for she's quite active and cute personality. She looks remarkably beautiful in that magic robe.

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

After meeting up with 2 cuties, is there any cool and sexy beauty around? Of course, there is! The Female Weapon Shop owner Ms. Kane is definitely a "Shero", as she's dressed with the skull over her blade. The green long hair matches the color of her pupil eyes, and the sharp appearance expresses a beastly beauty. Indeed, that's something hard to come by.

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

Lastly, let's go straight to the beauty, Erulen, a Soul Energy Hunter, who was born with an oriental appearance. Her maroon hair and black eyes comfort you in a kind fashion. Though Erulen doesn't wear as exquisite garments or dresses as Princess Tricia does, her appearance exhibits the beauty of nature as well. Moreover, her golden armor is much more valuable than any gold or jewelries.

All in all, four beauties of Star City are all magically fantastic. Are you thrilled to go meet up with them on this romantic fantasy journey? November 27th, let's gather in Star City, a sacred yet graceful Duchy, and begin our fantasy journey in the Sprite Kingdom!

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