iMiGAME Platform Launch and Uncover Their First Game Lunaria Story

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The development team of iMiGAME today announced their platform's official site is online. The platform is mainly targeting the North American market and its service will include free-to-play browser games, item shops as well as professional customer service. Furthermore, the announcement also enclosed a introduction to their first game: Lunaria Story.

iMiGAME platform:
iMiGAME Lunaria Story Facebook fanpage:

iMiGAME is an online platform operating high quality browser games with years of experience and a large number of international personnel. Up to now, iMiGAME have signed numbers of contracts with different game producers. Earlier today, the development team announced their platform's official site and the first game's website.

Lunaria Story: The game scene
The game scene

Lunaria Story is a browser based side-scroller ARPG, it combined the concept of cuteness, adventure and easy to play in a fantasy world. In this world, the Great Prophet cannot bear the endless war among mankind, so he decided to destroy and discard the sacred Book of Contract. But this did not stop the tragedy, the book's shred was scattered all around the world, and engraved on thousands of items and creatures, cursing them forever. Among those who honed in misery, there are three great warriors who was chosen by the Book of Contract stand up and fight the evils to bring peace and order to the land of Lunaria. They are, the Swordsman from the Chapter of Battle, the Elementalist from the Chapter of Wisdom and the Hunter from the Chapter of Arms. And they are called The Lunaria Adventurers.

Lunaria Story: Swordsman

Lunaria Story: Elementalist

Lunaria Story: Hunter

In Lunaria story, players will be one of the chosen warriors, fight the evil and save the land of Lunaria. The game offers tons of thrilling quests, fashion outfits, beautiful wings, lovely pets and creative game systems, All the exciting elements will bring you a delightful, fun and creative world.

iMiGAME's official said, the upcoming beta test for Lunaria Story will be on December 12 2013. Since it is the platform's first game, all iMiGAME staff will try their best to provide players with best caring and a fair, fun, massive online environment.



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