Naruto Saga Adds Character-Switching Gameplay Mechanic

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IceGames Co. Ltd, an online games publisher and operator of the platform, is today excited to detail the character-switching Transformation mechanic bringing exciting new tactical options to players of Naruto-inspired team combat MMORPG, Naruto Saga.

Currently in open beta on the platform, Naruto Saga brings a fresh set of gameplay experiences into the world of the fabled Naruto anime series. Combining tactical one-on-one battle systems with quick time events (QTEs), dynamic quest systems based on Naruto plots, powerful Beast Summoning, exciting Arena PK and mysterious Ninja Transformation features, Naruto Saga gives players immense freedom while challenging them to use wisdom and courage to overcome obstacles as they strive to become the top ninja in the land.

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Besides the three core classes (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu) and a plethora of Chakra-powered active and passive abilities, every character in Naruto Saga has their own unique, special skill to unleash in battle, such as Itachi's mind-controlling Tsukuyomi and Orichimaru deadly Reanimation. Players wanting to take advantage of them all can switch between characters using the Transformation function, allowing them to embody a new character for up-to an hour before switching back.

Used correctly, Transformation can be the difference between a win and a loss in battle, and players will want to familiarise themselves with as many characters as possible to gain the upper-hand. Who knows, one character may possess the ability needed to finish off an otherwise impossible opponent!

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"Transformation is one of the features we're most excited about", says Ivy Chen, IceGames PR Manager, "Players love Naruto Saga because it lets them play as their favourite Naruto characters, but why just restrict them to one? Letting players transform mid-game gives more options, more tactics, and a lot more fun!"

Transformation is level-based, with more characters available for quick-switching every time it is upgraded. Players upgrade their Transformation ability by earning Transformation Power Points, which are available by winning events, exploring the Transform Power options, and in the in-game shop. Transformation also upgrades automatically whenever it's EXP bar is filled.

Naruto Saga Screenshot

The Naruto Saga open beta is available now! Interested players can register for free now at the official website.

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