Recommended Browser Games for Thanksgiving Day

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Recommended Browser Games for Thanksgiving Day

As time goes by, another Thanksgiving Day has come now. During this year, there must be lots of people that ever gave you a hand. So to whom do you wish to send your blessing most today? As to me, I'd like to express my sincere thanks for all the supporters of BBGsite. That's why I've selected some excellent browser games for you as the Thanksgiving gift today. Now just follow me and hope these games can bring you a warm Thanksgiving Day.

1. Alfheim Tales Online

Alfheim Tales Online is a fantasy MMORPG with exquisite anime-styled 3D graphics, which allows you to enjoy the fascinating battle experience. Travel around Carlyle land under the guidance of the Spirits from a refreshing country town to an outstanding capital. Search for the track of spirits, discover the secrets that lies within the dark volcanoes, ice fields, battle fields and grasslands, and to become the savior of your continent in various battles. It is a world full of dreams, glory and exciting adventure.

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

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