Eisenhower Fighting Thatcher in the Future? Welcome to Warfare!

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NGames announces a new strategy/RPG/simulation game coming soon to

NGames, a leading online games publisher and developer, is today delighted to announce Warfare – an exciting new strategy/RPG/simulation game coming soon to the online games portal.

It is the near future, and the world is in a perpetual state of war.

Warfare takes place in the near future, immediately after Earth was ravaged by the destructive Third World War – a conflict that literally changed the face of the planet. Massive earthquakes and tsunamis caused by nuclear weapons used in WWIII created a large vortex in the heart of the world, tearing continents into countless smaller islands and factions. The dust settled and everything seemed calm for a short while, but that soon changed. The four powerhouse countries: America, Russia, Germany, and China; remain intact and still rule the world, and are constantly at war with one another for global dominance. Now, after hoping to hide from the never-ending conflict and find peace, the fighting has spilled into your home island, and you have no choice but to take up arms and embrace the chaotic world.

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A free-to-play strategy/RPG/simulation web game coming soon to the online games platform, Warfare plunges players deep into the heart of war and challenges them to use team-based tactics and strategy to survive. Managing armed forces, developing a mini-country through city-building, challenging other players, and defeating the nefarious Dark Alliance is all in a day's work when it's all out Warfare!

Unlike traditional war simulation games, Warfare players specialize their army in one of three areas: air, land, and sea; before choosing which of the four dominant countries (factions) to represent. Each army has four types of soldiers: Heavy, Ranged, Assault, and Assist; and three types of units: vanguard, center guard, and rear guard. A robust and flexible combat system allows players to mix-and-match their armies to devise strategies for any given war scenario.

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In a fun twist, Warfare players can bolster their armies by recruiting generals based on popular figures of history and fiction to lead their armies; from Eisenhower, Napoleon, and Jeanne D'Arc; to Thatcher, Saddam, and even James Bond!

While the mysterious Dark Alliance represents a threat to everybody, each country has its own motives in the world of Warfare, and players must choose their favourite side.

America: With its powerful economic strength, America advocates the political policy of freedom and independence.

Germany: Its Rose Parliament leads the world in advanced technology and keeps a tight grip on global military development.

China: With its unique advantages in resources, China has managed to become a rising star in the international arena.

Russian: Located in the desolate and harshly cold North, Russian is taking every effort to develop its military power and secretly wishes to dominate the world again.

Fifth Independent Alliance: Mostly formed by mercenaries, this group consists of several independent islands and is controlled by a single dictator. Their forces spread over the central sea area, with main activities including smuggling of ammunition, drugs, and human trafficking.

Unknown:A secret and underground power that is against the extensive use of mechanical strength and advocates the idea of a free universe - one which doesn't rely on machines. They constantly attack every country's military stronghold and technology R&D center.

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--- Warfare is an exciting new strategy/RPG/simulation game coming soon to Publisher NGames will be releasing more information in the coming weeks as the game prepares for Beta.

Meanwhile, interested gamers can follow Warfare on Facebook and Twitter, and check out the official website for the latest war news.



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