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Alfheim Tales Online, operated exclusively by Ray Media Group Ltd., is a brand-new micro-client fantasy browser games, and will begin the Closed Beta on Nov. 27th. According to the official statement, the file size accounts for only 1 MB.

As the 3,000-year-cycle for Sprites comes to a close in Carlyle, another prophesied species, Pandarens, will be uncovered in Alfheim Tales Online.

As kind and noble Pandarens are, even though they excel in combat, they are still in persistent pursuit of peace and zen. The cornerstone of their philosophy has emphasized on "Conflicted Peace" - Male and Female, Peace and Chaos, Genuine and Illusional. The Pandarens are connected closely to Mother Nature, and dedicated to seek peace for all species, as well as for between species and Mother Nature.

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The enigmatic Pandarens is one of the untraceable species in the Carlyle. Since their immigration from an uncharted territory, they have settled down in Panda Village at Hurricane Valley. In addition, they're the pandas in human forms, and love nature and delicious foods.

Year after year, the Elder, Pandaren Foxy, has led the Pandarens to prosperity. Nobody knows why they came, and when they would leave.

As an adventurer, you'll be in contact with this enigmatic species at Level 20, and help them escort some missing Pandarens back to the village, as well as eliminate the peace-threatening Dark Corruptor and Thayer. In the meantime, they'll teach you how to fish, and make bamboo fish.

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According to the Prophecy of Wind Sprite King, there rises a mysterious tribe during the battles in the Carlyle, a strong tribe that will take responsibility of bringing peace back to the continent.

With all that being said, I believe you've already known what this prophecy implies. If you still have no clue, then wait for Pandaren's claws and weapons!

Alfheim Tales Online and the Carlyle are waiting for the comeback of the Pandarens, aren't you?

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