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Pockie defense is Coming Soon One day, a dark witch pays a visit to the fairy tale. Kind-hearted residents are transformed into monster troop by witch's witchcraft. She rules all the fairy tales by that troop. Players open the Magic Book by chance with the result that they are brought to the dark fairy tale and encounter all different fairy tale roles like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Peter Pan and so on. Intensive fights against the monster troop start by building different defense towers!

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Pockie Defense is a new Tower Defense game combing role play and tactics with the background of well-known fairy tale. Players act as the adventurers in fairy tale growing with partners Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and so on to keep the world peace by preventing invasive Witch and the immortal troops.

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In the game, players can build different kinds of role towers and use roles' skills to repel monsters. More and more famous characters of fairy tale will show up and many interesting functions will be unlocked with the proceeding of game. Pockie Defense is an unforgettable TD game that you can't miss.  

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You can enter each instance by the world map. The world map is divided into different scenes. The next scene will show only after the scene you are in is completed. Players can select stages or challenge previous stages.

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Game Features

  1. Game stages with the charm of fairy tale
  2. TD game combing with heroes' skills
  3. Rich systems of artifacts, equipment and star upgrade.
  4. Scuffle PK amony multiplayers

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