Alfheim Tales Online - Becoming a Pet Master

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In the olden days, pets were only raised for people to chase away loneliness or for entertainment. Yet, the definition of pets has turned into spiritual sustenance nowadays. In the virtual world, pets are always players' best friends while they are out there, alone.

Alfheim Tales Online, a 3D fantasy browser MMORPG, operated exclusively by Ray Media Group Ltd., has exhibited a wide range of diverse pets of all kinds in a beauteous world. All of them are varyingly different and possess unique attributes and imaginary skills. So, it bears a question that how you manage to grow your pet into a powerful force during your adventurous journey? Now, let's check out some simple answers from the Pet Master from the Sky.

To cultivate an invincible pet, there are a few aspects you'll need to pay attention to:

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Invincible Pet Rule No.1 - Always pick the right pets.

But, how do you define the "right pets"? My advice is, you can base your choice on your weakest suit. For instance, if your defense irks yourself, then pick a pet with high defense; if your offence deals little to none damage, a power juggernaut would be your best choice; and if your appearance doesn't look appealing at all, go with the handsome one – this one is a joke, lol.

Invincible Pet Rule No.2 – Spend enough time to care for your pets.

You would never spend too much time with your pets. You can either take on the pet farm quests to gain EXP or collect Star Power and Enhancement Stones to upgrade its quality. Both will gain generous rewards for your pets in return.

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Last, but not least, going all heart for him/her is a virtue you need, because only benevolent sprites can dominate the Carlyle.

We'll see you in the love-filled, mysterious, magical and fantasy Carlyle of Alfheim Tales Online!

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