SteamPower1830 Stokes Up the Fire – Closed Beta Gets Extensive Update

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Hexagon Game Labs integrates new side missions, maps and Microsoft Surface Tablet optimization into HTML5 railroad game

Hamburg, 18 November 2013: For over a month now, the cross-platform strategy game SteamPower1830 has wowed casual gamers and railroad fans on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Since the start of the closed beta Hexagon Game Labs has continuously published updates and optimized the HTML5 railroad game for an increasing number of end devices. The latest addition to the free-to-play game's whitelist of supported devices ( is Microsoft Surface RT/ Pro Tablets. Exciting gameplay enhancements for all SteamPower1830 railroad aficionados include challenging side missions, additional maps in the European Campaign and the new in-game chat. Players can sign up for a new closed beta access key on

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The main innovation for all SteamPower1830 closed beta players comes in the form of individual side missions which are now available for every map of the Single-Player European Campaign. In each European country, it is the player's task to construct an intelligently laid-out railway network spanning the entire playing map and to build cities that will grow to a specified number of total inhabitants. As they strive to create their own flourishing railway empire, players can now complete a whole range of extra missions on the side. Transporting raw materials or passengers, or constructing specific buildings, allows players to gain valuable Experience Points and additional Silver Coins. When replaying a previously completed map, ever new additional missions await the player – enduring fun for all high score hunters is guaranteed.

Hexagon Game Labs is very happy about the active community which has already formed around SteamPower1830 and hereby announces that after the end of the closed beta phase, players will be able to transfer all Gold Coins, additional storage slots and permanently activated items (such as special locomotives) to the open beta version.

The update also includes two new maps, namely of Austria and Portugal. With their heightened level of difficulty, both country maps provide new challenges even for seasoned SteamPower1830 players. In addition, the in-game chat function is now enabled. This allows all players to add Friends and engage in cross-platform chat during the game. Whether it is between a PC and an iPad or a Mac and a smartphone – any combination is possible for chatting. Our continuously updated whitelist on always shows for which systems SteamPower1830 has already been optimized.

SteamPower1830 Screenshot

Information on the "Goliath" Locomotive
(permanently enabled for closed beta players from Level 20)

As a thank-you to our closed beta testers, all players who have reached Level 20 will receive the "Goliath" steam locomotive (value equivalent to five Gold Coins in the game) as a permanently enabled feature on their account.

The Goliath engine relies on the massive tractive force of a large driving wheel. Due to its design, this locomotive has no slippage and is able to pull much heavier carriages than a conventional engine could. It is possible to overload the carriages by 50 percent. The maximum number of two carriages and top speed of 40 km/h remain the same as for conventional locomotives.

Closed Beta Feature List

- 15 autonomous playing maps set in Europe
- Business and building game with a vibrant, detailed game world
- Golden age of steam trains in Europe from 1830 to 1930
- Game world freely configurable with no limitations on building and railway
network layout
- Hex-grid map with strategic depth for construction planning
- Countless train models, buildings and upgrades
- Proprietary, powerful Ubique Game Engine based on HTML5
- Playable on all platforms – PC, tablet, smartphone
- Requires only a current browser and Internet connection
- Cloud technology for interruption-free system changes during a running game
- Cross-platform in-game chat
- Free-to-play online game

About Hexagon Game Labs

Hexagon Game Labs GmbH was established in April 2013 as an independent development studio and game publisher. Basing their business in Hamburg, the two founders, Jan-Hendrik Ohl and Peter Cukierski, chose a well-established game industry location. By developing the revolutionary Ubique Game Engine, the Hexagon Game Labs team has made platform-independent Premium HTML5 Games a reality. The Ubique Game Engine is not only a game engine for HTML5-based online games, but also a complete tool system and production pipeline. Games based on the Ubique Game Engine run on any advanced operating system, including Android, iOS and Windows and on all current gaming platforms, whether it is a tablet, smartphone, PC, console or smart TV. A single click takes players straight into the game on their browsers. More information is provided on



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