Alfheim Tales Online Debuts in Micro-Client Fashion, Nov. 26!

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Alfheim Tales Online, operated exclusively by Ray Media Group Ltd., is a brand-new micro-client fantasy MMORPG, and will begin the Closed Beta testing on Nov. 26th. According to the official statement, the file size of micro-client is only 1MB.

Making its first appearance back in 2011, the micro-client MMORPGs have been filling the market with an increasing amount ever since, in delightful fashion. People are still able to name quite a few renowned games, including Chrono Tales, another famous title from Ray Media.

The birth of micro-client provides an extra option, and now players can choose from not just client and browser games, but micro-client. And the significant reduction in download time has made it lot easier for new players to jump in and experience the game fully in its early stage with instant accessibility instead of hours of wait. Although the micro-client games bear resemblance to the browser games in many ways, its actual size of the complete client sometimes might be chunky. In this case, a fast and stable network is a must, especially when loading game graphics and experiencing various game functions. And it's the key that players choose to stay or leave.

Here comes a question – Will Alfheim Tales Online still be able to sustain its playability and depth of content while cutting down on its client size? Luckily, the answer to this question is positively a YES. With the advanced Cloud Preloading technology, problems that browser games have, like waiting too long, will be solved so that players can enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

Alfheim Tales Online – Chess Hall

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

Alfheim Tales Online – Candy Garden

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

"Actually, the team started the R&D of Cloud Micro Client two years ago. A lot of hard work and effort has been put into this project." said the product manager of Ray Media, "Traditional client games provide esthetic visuals and smooth controls, but the huge size of the client has always been a problem. Although the browser game solves this issue to some extent, it has to sacrifice the graphics and operational experience. Compared to the prototypes, Alfheim Tales Online has brought the micro-client game to a higher standard by using the advanced cloud technology, which allows players to enjoy the lively, vivid 3D game, as well as the thrilling free PvP combat at the same time. Not just that, the game also features several interesting social elements like farm, tower defense and mini card games, to help players interact with their friends."

Alfheim Tales Online – Pet Farm

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

The game is set in Carlyle, a holy residence of the sprites. There are Four Elements - Earth, Wind, Fire and Water - that respectively represent four different classes in game, which are Knight, Priest, Assassin and Mage. Classes are endowed with a Duel Skill talent, which provides more possibilities for different builds of characters. For example, a Shield Knight is a defensive class, while a Blade Knight is a "DPS" class. If you go down the path of both classes, there'll be a lot more skills for you to choose from on your way up.

Alfheim Tales Online – Knight Class

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

Speaking of dozens of other intriguing features, the Pet System has always been at the center of spotlight. The creative "Pet Profile" provides a diverse evolution map for the pets that includes many different forms and species, ranging from little ice-cream, cakes to giants, puppets, ghost and dragons, and lot more.

Alfheim Tales Online Special Feature - Pet Profile

Alfheim Tales Online Screenshot

Overall, Alfheim Tales Online is a cute animation game and players will find it quite social based on its interactive gameplay and functions. As a micro-client MMORPG, the graphics and gameplay experience are the biggest concerns to the players. Hopefully, Ray Media will find balance between the content & quality and the "slim client" for "Alfheim Tales Online".

Stay tuned for more news about Alfheim Tales Online!

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