RuneScape Introduces the Rise of the Six

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A brand new mini-game, Rise of the Six, has been introduced into RuneScape. It sees players pitted against the ferocious Barrows Brothers, dangerous wights created by the god Sliske.

Set in the Shadow Realm, players have to take on all six brothers at once in order to reap the rewards of this fast paced, combat-orientated, mini-game. The brothers use brand new abilities and work as a team, changing their tactics depending on which brother is fighting alongside them and the techniques used by their opponents .

Players will have to work together as part of a team to adapt to these tactics and shifting environments, but that's really just the beginning of Sliskes' trickery. For successful teams, rewards include high-level shields for each combat type and materials to make the best melee armour in the game. Lucky players might also find some crazy new barrows pets too!

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Rise of the Six is live and is available to all RuneScape players through the game's new Bonds system – allowing players to purchase membership with in-game gold.

Assets to accompany this news, including the Behind the Scenes video, can be downloaded from our press extranet at:

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