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Kevin Cheng from COG
Kevin Cheng from COG

COG is a leading platform for publishing Chinese games in overseas markets. And today we are honored to have an interview with Mr. Kevin Cheng from COG to help you get a better understanding of this platform.

1. Hi Mr. Kevin Cheng, thank for having this interview today. Could you please briefly introduce yourself and COG?

Hi, my name is Kevin Cheng, I am the Vice President at COG Publish Limited. Mainly, my job focuses on oversea pubbing of online games. With years of working experience in gaming industry, I'm very familiar with both traditional markets and the newly emerging markets of game industry. I have built strong business connections with more than 400 game publisher companies throughout the world.

COG is one of leading gaming companies in China that is fully capable in both development and international publishing. We are working on to become China's largest platform for game oversea publishing by delivering high quality games from the best gaming development companies to global publishers. Our vision is to provide the best service to the both game developers and publishers for successful game publishing and operation.

In China, there are a few large companies are exploiting oversea markets as well. Due to their company scales and business focuses, they normally demand for very high revenue-share cut. On the other hand, COG is only a dedicated online game publishing platform and we purely work on licensing and publishing the games to local partners, but we don't publish games in local markets. Hence, there won't be any conflict of interest against other parties. Therefore, our service and opinions will be indeed objective and professional.

2. We see there are quite numbers of games on COG website, would you share how many they are and could you please roughly describe them?

COG has been working on publishing Chinese games to overseas markets for a few years and we now are proud to say we are the leading platform of this business model. So far, we have more than 50 games in different varieties of forms including client-based, browser-based, mobile games and some platforms. As our product pipeline covers main types of games, I won't give the one-by-one introduction here

3. Chinese developers produce huge amount of games every year. And many of these games have been published in oversea markets; however, we don't see many successful ones. I am wondering how does COG select the right games?

Actually the issue of having small numbers of game successful is not only happening in overseas markets, it is the same in China. A game makes its success depends on many factors, marketing timing, publishers' efforts and input, the game itself, etc. depenn varieties of factors, marketing timing, the condition of the distributor, of cause the game itself, and etc.

In order to explore oversea markets, our team has already built very good relationship with many publishers in different countries. Moreover, we have even signed mutual-development-contract with numbers of companies. Hence, we will be informed very quickly when they are searching for new games and what types of game they are looking for. That is to say, we are not selling games, we are meeting the publishers' needs by proving the right games as they want.

So we apply a workable standard for game selection, the product must fulfill the needs of certain markets and client demands; most importantly the product has to be out of ordinary, and the development team and support team must be experienced, stable and willing to support. Take a look at our previous merits, we do have some licensing and publishing work well done, no matter the product is still under development, or it is already published in China, and no matter the game is client-based, browser-based or mobile games.

4. Why would foreign game publishers choose COG as their content provideer? And which part of work does COG do in a collaborating relationship?

To be honest with you, some publishers were not that clear about our business model at the beginning. For instant, VTC from Vietnam has been discussing with us from 2009 but we didn't make some progress. But then they licensed King of Swordsmen from us and got it published early this year, which is regarded as the best-performing client-based MMO published in recent years in Vietnam market. Then they choose to work with COG again just like many other publishers do for long-term partnership. We also have the examples of the partners of this type. We have 3 projects working with LYTO in Indonesia, 2 projects with Waygames in Brazil, 3 projects with Funnel in Singapore & Malaysia. Most of publisher companies look for partners by looking at these following factors, whether the game is suitable; whether the team is trustfully; whether the team is supportive and experienced. Actually COG value these factors a lot and we have been building the reputation for this.

Firstly through the process of game publishing, we assist publishers to select the right games. We will have initial game selection by having our product team, domestic business team and oversea business team involved. Everyone will have the input in this, and we will evaluate game feature, dev team stability, and if the game is suitable for certain oversea markets. And then after licensing the game to the publisher, we will have a dedicated team to manage the process, from launch preparation, game launch and after-launch services, both technical issues and communication in foreign languages. On top of that, our legal and financial team will also work on guaranteeing the interests of our all partners. And mostly importantly for the developers, we will help them to lock the right publishers to work with.

5. Could you please share some of your successful cases? For instant, which games of yours have made some success in overseas markets?

Due to well-connected relationship with domestic game developers, and wide range of games we offer. As to today, nearly a hundred of COG games have been published all over the world. Let me briefly introduce to you some of COG's most popular products.

I have already mentioned about how well King of Swordsmen is doing in Vietnam, actually it is not the only success this game has made, in Taiwan, King of Swordsmen has also been the main money-maker for Wayi. In just one year, our another browser game Demon Hunting has been launched in Japan, North America, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan.

In terms of selling speed, we have Elegy of War ready in August 2013, and now we have licensed this game to Malaysia and Thailand, and we are preparing the launching in the two territories now. Same for Ihelper/PPhelper, we started working on it from later July this year, and now it is already launched in Taiwan with good performance, we are also preparing the launch in Brazil now, and we just confirmed the licensing deal for Vietnam and Indonesia as well in just 3 months. And more crazily, we licensed Crystal Land to Thailand in one month, and we even signed Blade Craft to Indonesia in 3 days.

6. I have heard that COG will be attending Gstar again this year, any inside information that you want to share with us? What games will you bring to Gstar?

This year, COG will present 39 products, including 8 client-based games, 16 browser games, 13 mobile games, and 2 platform products. The browser games from Mokylin which are produced by top producer Mr. Chen Mo, our in-house developed client-game Titan Siege, 10+ mobile games and of course Ihelper/PPhelper will be our highlighted products this year.

7. We also learned that you signed some strategic agreement with some strong development groups at Chinajoy this year, do you have some updates for this? And for oversea markets, how do you plan to deploy these products?

Yes, you are right, COG's new strategic plan this year is to partner with some strong domestic development corporations. We already signed mutual-development agreement with Yaowan, Mokylin and Ihelper/PPhelper, for global publishing.

In the past 3 months, Ihelper/PPhelper is already launched in Taiwan with good performance, we are also preparing the launch in Brazil now, and we just confirmed the licensing deal for Vietnam and Indonesia. For the products from Mokylin, we have worked with the local publishers in Brazil for publishing their first title, and we are also confirming some deals for Vietnam now. For Yaowan, we are working on licensing some oversea titles to Yaowan, and we just signed Yaowan's first product to Russia market this month.

As you know that all the products from these 3 companies are launched in China and are doing very well, and they are well developed with different features, which make us easier to do oversea publishing. COG's model is mainly about finding the right partners for right products, so I don't see some big limits for these products.

8. COG has been doing a great job in publishing Chinese games out of China, have you ever thought about licensing oversea titles into China market?

Actually, besides sticking to our existing business model, we already plan to license games into China and we are actually working on it now. We prefer to look for mobile games with characteristic features or with famous IP. We would welcome overseas partners to discuss with us about this, however, we only look for mobile games for the moment.

Thanks again for the interview, wish you and COG the best and look forward to seeing more products published by overseas markets.



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