Grand Voyage: Meet the Captains Sailing the High Seas

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Only ships under the command of a good Captain can unleash their true potential, and in Grand Voyage a good Captain can become a legend. Players will learn new skills, defend their ships and earn their reputation on the high seas.

Venturing across vast distances, trading with foreign lands and fighting enemies will earn players 'stars', which will improve their Captain's attributes and qualities. However, no two Captains are the same! Each of them comes with their own strengths and weaknesses, and it will be up to players to decide how best to use them in their quest to dominate the world's fiercest oceans.

Behold! These are some of the finest seafarers players can command:

Anne Bonnie

Grand Voyage

One of history's notorious lady pirates, Anne Bonnie learned her trade under "Calico Jack" before striking out to make her fortune. She's got a face as beautiful as the ocean, but ask any sailor if the ocean is gentle and...Well, let's just say she's not as soft as she looks.


Grand Voyage

Fierce, proud and unwavering: these are the qualities of the pirate Captain, Hayredin. He defies the navies of Europe and despises all gods. The only 'god' Hayredin respects is the never-ending ocean.


Grand Voyage

A man whose name is synonymous with legend, the Italian voyager Christopher Columbus was born into wealth with a taste for adventure. Players will follow Columbus on his travels in Grand Voyage and decide what journeys and discoveries await him.

Zheng Chenggong

Grand Voyage

A citizen of Han province, Zheng Chenggong is an educated and ruthless military tactician. Bound by duty, he will raise his sword to protect his name, his country and his honour as a Captain.

Da Gama

Grand Voyage

Vasco Da Gama is an accomplished and experienced pioneer, navigating the oceans with consummate ease to forge new trade routes. As one of Grand Voyage's gifted leaders, Da Gama shows how an old sea dog can still learn new tricks.

Zheng He

Grand Voyage

Another outstanding navigator, Zheng He possesses knowledge of nautical charts, ship repairs, diplomacy and military tactics. A true master of the ocean who leads crews and fleets with unequaled competence.


Grand Voyage

One of Portugal's famous navigators, Magellan is as determined as he is skilled and as passionate as he is ruthless. He gives no quarters to enemies and expects the best from those who follow him.


Grand Voyage is a new historical trading web MMORPG coming soon to the online games portal. Interested players can learn more by visiting the official site, and by following the game on Facebook and Twitter.

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