New Version 1.3 is Now Live for MMORPG Trading Card Game Ancient Summoner

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Ancient Summoner

Beijing, China - October 17, 2013 - Today GameBox is releasing Version 1.3 for the MMO Card Trading Game Ancient Summoner. The new version will change the current game in every way, and is something that players are definitely anticipating.

New Cards
As a card game, cards are apparently playing the most important part of your gaming experience. In Ancient Summoner, cards can be roughly divided into creature cards and skill cards, which are used in battle to summon creatures and skills accordingly.

In the new version 1.3, three races are added to the card shop, and they are Beast, Goblin and Ogre. New creatures of these races are wild, violent... and also mysterious, since the specific attributes of them have not been revealed yet. Players will soon be able to explore as the new version becomes live today.

New skill cards are revolutionary. Unlike existing skills of Ancient Summoner that directly affect self or enemy creatures, new skills are called "Battlefield Skills", which are more like setting a trap on the battlefield, and the skills will affect creatures who step on it.

New Gameplays
Challenge Hall drops rare cards and equipment. And in this new version players will be able to explore the new Ancient Den. There are two modes available normal and hard. In the normal mode, the portal will keep beasts away from the player and in hard mode the portal puts players closer to the beasts.

Top players of Ancient Summoner now with V1.3 have a new chance to prove themselves. The top 32 players from this season's cross server battles will compete for the ultimate honor and the rarest cards. Who will be the King of all Servers? Who will win the Rarest Cards? Let the Battle Begin and see which player is Triumphant.

New Mounts, Equipment & Reputation Shop Items
Mounts are one of the coolest things in Ancient Summoner. Only the best players own their mounts and therefore currently a mount in Ancient Summoner somehow represents nobility. Now there are new mounts available to players with version 1.3. The mounts include Unicorn Mirager, Unicorn Tempest, and Brimstone Unicorn. These mounts can be obtained in new boss fights and also in the shop. The mounts are very cool looking and they also give players higher attributes than the existing mounts.

Equips are essential in Ancient Summoner just as they are in any other RPG. However all equips have their limitations, even after upgraded. Now Runes will be to further improve the attribute of equipment. The runes include Life Rune, Fire Rune, Ranged Rune, Attack Rune, and Melee Rune. Each rune has a unique function that will enhance players while in battle.

Beast, Goblin, and Ogre Cards are also added to the reputation shop. Reputation represents a player's expertise in a certain race and can be exchanged for cards of corresponding races. When a player's reputation reaches level 42 they will be able to obtain elite cards.

Amongst all the updates that were detailed above for the new version 1.3 Ancient Summoner will also be opening today a new server called "Troll".

For more info about Ancient Summoner, please visit the Official Website at and on the Facebook Fan Page at

Ancient Summoner

Ancient Summoner

Ancient Summoner

Ancient Summoner



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