Game PK: Ultimate Naruto VS Pockie Pirates

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Ultimate Naruto VS Pockie Pirates

As an anime fan, you must be familiar with Naruto and One Piece. Both of them are so popular all around the world, and there're thousands of games adapted from them. Recently a browser game named Ultimate Naruto caught our eyes. It's a game based on the anime Naruto, and since the open beta test started, lots of players have entered this game. Today let's take a look at this game and compare it with Pockie Pirates, another popular browser game based on One Piece. Which of them do you like better? Did you play the game because of the game itself or the anime you like?

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1. Basic Information:

Ultimate Naruto Ultimate Naruto
Genre: RPG Status: Final
Graphics: 2D Theme: Adventure
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Period: Fantasy
Publisher: IceGames Co., Ltd. Official Site

Pockie Pirates Pockie Pirates
Genre: RPG Status: Final
Graphics: 2D Theme: Adventure
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Period: Fantasy
Publisher: NGames Co.,Ltd Official Site

Besides adapting from the different animes, it's hard to find any other difference between them. And speaking of their publisher, we all know NGames is a leading publisher in browser game market, and they have released some excellent browser games such as Pockie Ninja, Cyber Monster II. On the other hand, Ulitmate Naruto is the first game published by IceGames, maybe IceGames is not that veteran as NGames. But since it's going to publish another browser game named Naruto Saga, we can see the Ulitmate Naruto is a successful try.

2. Game Review:

Ultimate Naruto

The game incorporates the essence of the original drawing style and integrates it with the latest web technologies and established features in a browser game. It is not really an exciting or challenging title for players who look for something hardcore or fresh, but a choice for Naruto fans to have some casual fun being a ninja like their favorite characters and fighting with them together.


Pockie Pirates

If you're looking for a game to give you deep immersion, something that will keep you and your buddy busy for days to months, this is not the game for you. It fits more for the casual gamers who are looking for a pastime to get them through doing other things in the day, and something they don't really need to invest a lot of time with. Ultimately the games design is also what will bore players when they progress to the end. But for that time, the game has some fun elements to it.


From the reviews, we can see both of these 2 games are not for the hardcore players. But if you're an anime fan and looking for a game to have some casual fun, both of them can be your good choices.

3. Screenshots and Artworks:

The first time when I entered Ultimate Naruto, I though it a copycat of Pockie Pirates, since they have the similar interfaces. But after playing it for a while, I found it have its own unique features.

Ultimate Naruto Pockie Pirates
ArtWork Screenshot ArtWork Screenshot
Ultimate Naruto Ultimate Naruto Pockie Pirates Pockie Pirates

4. Gameplay Video:

Still not satisfy with the screenshots and artworks? Don't worry, here are the gameplay videos of these 2 games. From the videos we can intuitively tell the difference of these 2 games. Which of them do you prefer?

Ultimate Naruto Gameplay First Look >>

Pockie Pirates Gameplay Video >>



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