Rolling Out the First Trains – SteamPower1830 Closed Beta Launched

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Hamburg, 10 October 2013: Green light for the maiden trip: SteamPower1830, the strategy game set in a vibrant world of steam trains, launches into closed beta today. Access will be granted in chronological order according to the time of registration – with the exception of beta key owners, who can jump straight into the game. Active players of the beta version can look forward to a special reward: the powerful "Goliath" locomotive.

As of today, gamers, journalists and bloggers can experience the cross-platform game, SteamPower1830, live in action on their PC, iPhone, iPad or Android device. The attached whitelist shows which devices the closed beta version has already been optimized for. The strategy game calls for tactical skill and finesse as you manage your resources and create the track network that forms the backbone of your very own railway empire. The closed beta version (playable in English or German) contains the single-player mode with 15 maps that let players experience the proliferation of the steam train in Europe beginning in 1830.

SteamPower1830 Screenshot

If you still hit any rough spots on your closed beta ride, Hexagon Game Labs will gladly receive your feedback to help smooth things out. All players who reach Level 20 will receive a permanently enabled, powerful "Goliath" steam locomotive as a special gift.

Because it is based on HTML5 technology, SteamPower1830 is a cross-platform game which will run on an extensive range of current end devices that are equipped with an up-to-date Internet browser, a sufficient amount of processing power and an Internet connection. For the closed beta launch, SteamPower1830 was tested for the most widely used mobile devices from Apple and Samsung. More details on the end devices for which SteamPower1830 has already been tested and optimized are provided in the whitelist below – which we are expanding continuously.

Information on the "Goliath" Locomotive
(permanently enabled for closed beta players from Level 20)

As a thank-you to our closed beta testers, all the players who have reached Level 20 will receive the "Goliath" steam locomotive (equivalent to the value of five gold coins in the game) as a permanently enabled feature on their account.

The Goliath engine relies on the massive tractive force of a large driving wheel. Due to its design, this locomotive has no slippage and is able to pull much heavier carriages than a conventional locomotive could. It is possible to overload the carriages by 50 percent. Compared with the conventional train types, the maximum number of two carriages and top speed of 40 km/h remain unchanged.

SteamPower1830 Screenshot

Closed Beta Feature List

  • 15 autonomous playing maps set in Europe
  • Business and building game with a vibrant, detailed game world
  • Golden age of steam trains in Europe from 1830 to 1930
  • Game world freely configurable with no limitations on building and railway network layout
  • Hex-grid map with strategic depth for construction planning
  • Countless train models, buildings and upgrades
  • Proprietary, powerful Ubique Game Engine based on HTML5
  • Playable on all platforms – PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Requires only a current browser and Internet connection
  • Cloud technology for interruption-free system changes during a running game
  • Free-to-play online game

Closed Beta Whitelist

(To date, SteamPower1830 has been optimized for the following devices– the whitelist is constantly expanded)


About Hexagon Game Labs

Hexagon Game Labs GmbH was established in April 2013 as an independent development studio and game publisher. Basing their business in Hamburg, the two founders, Jan-Hendrik Ohl and Peter Cukierski, chose a well-established game industry location. By developing the revolutionary Ubique Game Engine, the Hexagon Game Labs team has made platform-independent Premium HTML5 Games a reality. The Ubique Game Engine is not only a game engine for HTML5-based online games, but also a complete tool system and production pipeline. Games based on the Ubique Game Engine run on any advanced operating system, including Android, iOS and Windows and on all current gaming platforms, whether it is a tablet, smartphone, PC, console or smart TV. A single click takes players straight into the game on their browsers. More information is provided on



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