Mangatar Releases the Open Beta for Dengen Chronicles

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Since the seed investment from dPixel in late 2012, Mangatar, already honoured with the Best Startup of the Year 2012, has accelerated its growth by creating Dengen Chronicles, a mature product which best represents the team's ambitions and skills.

The new game, launched in open beta, takes advantage of the latest web technologies and is a powerful work in progress, providing continuous releases of new features.

"Today we make level up! Dengen Chronicles is the game we wanted to create from the start. What it represents for Mangatar, however, is not only a technological innovation, with new technical solutions and a more mobile approach, but also an important evolution of our startup's DNA. Finally, we can introduce to the market a high-quality product, able to compete with the main international players in the field" said Andrea Postiglione, CEO of Mangatar.

Dengen Chronicles has a special bond with Mangatar Saga, which in one year of activity reached almost sixty thousand users and received a large number of feedbacks. The constant conversation with users has been precious and crucial for the implementation of the new game, conceived with the dual purpose of satisfying Mangatar Saga's users and gaining new gamers.

Niccolò Sanarico, dPixel Associate, acknowledged : "For the past six months, the team has been working hard to realize its vision. We're very proud of what Dengen Chronicles is becoming – a complete social card game for all manga lovers.

The completeness of Dengen Chronicles lies in its specific complexity, which puts the game in a strategic position over competitors. The dynamics of Trading Card Games and Role Playing Games join together to create brilliant peculiarities:

Customization. The players' deck is not randomly chosen by the system, and each card can be customized in detail. The customization enables warriors to improve their own skills and evolve.

Strategy. Unlike the pure Trading Card Games, Dengen Chronicles contains a very important part of strategy , which is pretty typical of Role Playing Games. A set of management and strategic features have been implemented so as to make the game experience even more engaging and long lasting.

Clash. The Mangatar team has devised a highly innovative fight mode which adopts the representation of fights in the form of manga comics and the chronological storage of all events within a custom album, in a sort of comics timeline.

Sociability. The social dynamic is inherent in the complexity of the game. In the next major release, users will be introduced to "covens" and some group fight modes which are rarely seen in card games.

"With this game, we want to please both the most loyal users, who will find the same look and feel they loved so much in the first game, and the most passionate gamers who will discover an unconventional card game, which combines elements of strategy, unlimited customization possibilities, and the social sphere. The manga context will add a comics flavor to the game experience" emphasizes Raffaele Gaito, co-Founder of Mangatar.

Fabio Lalli, CEO of Iquii and advisor to Mangatar, claimed: "I met the Mangatar team three years ago at a business cocktail. On that occasion, I was shown the project. I was very impressed with the team's determination, commitment and harmony. It's hard to find such a strong and structured team and I think this is their real strength. The project has huge potential and targets a rapidly growing market segment with a high potential for business."



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