Kingcraft Rush Introduces Game Features

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Kingcraft Rush is a leisure strategy game developed according to the well-known history in the Three Kingdoms era. It allows players to enjoy the gameplay of tile-matching puzzle video games, card games, RPGs and even Texas HoldEm Poker games. In Kingcraft Rush, players can recruit famous historical heroes and summon the elemental power of Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, Light and Dark to explore and conquer the world.

Kingcraft Rush

Just like the rules of Texas HoldEm Poker games, players in Kingcraft Rush can launch an attack by creating the combination of One Pair, Two Pairs, Three-of-a-Kind, Full House and Straight. Different from poker cards, players have to deal with 6 elements, including Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, Light and Dark. All in-game elements restrain each other. For example, Fire restrains Wood and Wood restrains Water.

Players can challenge and recruit famous historical heroes in the Three Kingdoms era. These heroes may possess exclusive skills. Once players accumulate enough required elemental energy, they can directly cast skills to change the battle situation. In addition, each historical hero would bring players a buff. The reasonable combination of participating heroes is really significant in Kingcraft Rush as well.

In the days ahead, PopPace will reveal more details and offer sneak peeks into the interesting game world of Kingcraft Rush, so stay tuned for the latest news and updates.

Visit for more details about Kingcraft Rush. PopPace is a fast-rising digital interactive entertainment platform founded with the aim of becoming a leading massively multiplayer game publisher. It is dedicated to developing itself into the world's largest interactive entertainment platform by providing unique gaming environments and communities to gamers across the globe.



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