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Wrath of Gods is a browser-based ARPG based on the wars between Gods and the Devils. Here, PopPace team was very glad to announce that the Open Beta for Wrath of Gods will start at 6:00pm on September 17th GMT-8. Players across the globe will be able to enjoy a series of thrilling events after the server opens. More details are as follows.

Wrath of Gods

Event One: First Recharge for Generous Gifts
To thanks for players' continued support, they just need to recharge for the first time and then they will obtain the First Recharge Pack from which they can get precious rewards.

Event Two: Reach Required Levels to Claim Rewards
Level up as fast as possible. Players will obtain the corresponding rewards based on the character level before the end of the event.

Event Three: Rune Rank-Mysterious Diviner
By the end of the event, players' Runes will be ranked based on the quality and level. The top 20 players who possess the best Runes will be presented with abundant Gold.

Event Four: The Castellan of Sky City
Sky City, a holy land with magnificent temples, exquisite sculptures and more importantly abundant resources, is always a strategic position coveted by all factions. During the event, Guild Leaders and Ministers who can occupy Sky City first will be well rewarded. Now, dispatch your warriors to conquer Sky City and become its castellan.

Event Five: Accumulative Recharge Packs for Free
It's the greatest bargain ever. What are you waiting for? Accumulative Recharge Packs contains everything players need, including mounts, VIP privileges, HP/MP Blessing and others. Players will be able to receive them for free if they recharge the appointed amount of Gold! Seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance and be the envy of others!

Visit for more details about Wrath of Gods. PopPace is a fast-rising digital interactive entertainment platform founded with the aim of becoming a leading massively multiplayer game publisher. It is dedicated to developing itself into the world's largest interactive entertainment platform by providing unique gaming environments and communities to gamers across the globe.



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