BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: Sep. 9 to Sep. 15

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Hello, everyone, It's Monday again, time to wake up and say goodbye to your sweet weekend now. Before starting your work, do you still remember how many new/funny things have been brought forth on BBGsite during last week? It doesn't matter if you forget some of them, since I will select all of them here in this Weekly Wrap-up! Just turn your eyes here and take a rest now:

Game PK: Cyber Monster II VS Pockie Ninja II Original

If a game is excellent and attracts lots of gamers, the developer may possibly publish the sequel.Pockie Ninja, Dragon's Call are both good examples. And it's worth mentioning that both Pockie Ninja II Original and Pockie Ninja II Social are the big winner of the event "Best Browser Games of the Year 2012".

Recently, another sequel of a hot game caught our eyes: Cyber Monster II. In last year, Cyber Monster (also named Tamer Saga) won a lot of gamers because of its unique gameplay and fantastic anime-style graphics. This game was officially launched some days ago. Will it be another winner just as Pockie Ninja II? Last week we had a comparison of them, which of them do you like better?

Cyber Monster II VS Pockie Ninja II Original


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