Summon Your Werewolf for a Bloodbath in Ancient Summoner

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So what happened to Gamebox's new card game Ancient Summoner redesigned website? Apparently pretty much as expected, a werewolf-themed server "S2 Werewolf" has launched. It is noteworthy that this new server is designed to fit in the time zones for the convenience of European players.

Ancient Summoner

The werewolf is a widespread concept in European folklore. It's a human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. They are fast and ruthless with a natural thirst for blood. And like zombies and vampires, humans bitten by a werewolf will soon become one. It's also believed in some regions that werewolves will only turn into their wolf form under the full moon.

In Ancient Summoner, the werewolf cards inherited these legendary characteristics. Werewolves usually have a high attack and low HP. But when it kills another creature, it drinks its blood and gains extra HP. Its specialty is also reflected in its skills. The most common skills for werewolves in Ancient Summoner are "Sprint" and "Blood Price". Sprint gives your werewolf a better moving ability than other creatures, so that it gets to its target fast. And Blood Price reflects the ruthlessness of this creature, that it even deals damage to its own summoner when summoned.

There're several popular strategies among players who love to use werewolves as their main force. The most commonly used one is to accompany the werewolves with priestess. Since the major weakness of werewolves is its low HP, these priestesses with curing skills are their best partners.

Ancient Summoner Screenshot

With the launch of the two new servers, Gamebox has various gift events going on on Ancient Summoner official website and facebook fan page. For new players, a newbie gift card is now available (Click HERE to claim). And if you "like" this game on facebook, you'll receive a reward of 50 rubies and a 3 star card with other players when the likes of Ancient Summoner reach a certain number.

Ancient Summoner

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