Fairy Tail Hits Closed Beta Today

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Players in Southeastern Asia will be on a collision course – for fun! The closed beta testing for Fairy Tail, a 3D real-time combat browser based MMO adapted from the popular Japanese comic book of the same name, goes live today (September 12th). The first server will be named Fairy Tail.

Starting from today, exclusive gift packs are up for grabs. Players taking part in the coming Closed Beta test will have the chance to receive one of them to team up with the flying mount "Exceed" Happy and powerful Mirajane. It really fuels player's passions with them capable of riding the cute flying mount Happy like Natsu and the mage Mirajane joining their team to turn the life or death struggle into an orgy of combat fun. Besides, a great assortment items including crystals, diamonds and gift cards will be given away during the closed beat testing to spice up the gameplay. With a constant stream of new rewards and items coming as new servers become playable, players taking in the first CBT will have these items within their grasp.

Watch the gameplay trailer for Fairy Tail and get locked, loaded and ready to relive all the thrills and excitement:

The 3D browser-based game Fairy Tail is a loyal comic-to-game adaptation published by the browser game platform 173play. The comic book FAIRY TAIL is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. It has been published in Weekly Shōnen Magazine since 2006. The plot unfolds as the main character seeks a way to join Fairy Tail, a rambunctious wizards' guild whose members are famous for their overly destructive antics. The bragging rights of the game are to have stunning graphics, impressive combat skills, an array of characters staying true to the comic book and a unique buddy system. An assortment of hotkeys such as auto path, auto combat and auto HP recovery are added to the game and newbie players will find their gameplay enjoyable and easy to control. Players are raving about the game's stunning graphics. When some quests are performed, several comic drawings will be displayed. Like the comic book, the whole gameplay is divided into different chapters when players are assigned a mission. It really invests hardcore fans into the game, getting them ready to be immersed in soul-stirring battle.

Fairy Tail Screenshot

The game has four races, including dark mages, spiritual star mages, dragon mages and nature mages. Each of them has distinct character build. Players must take advantage of their strengths to showcase their prowess in combat. Like assassins, Dark Mages have a high critical rating, high physical attack, high dodge rating and fast movement. Reasonable utilization of skills will make it easy to approach and kill a target for dark mages. Massacres sweep like death's scythe. Spiritual Star Mages have proficiency in summon spells. They have a high critical rating, high magic attack, and a wide array of controlling and assistant skills. Reasonable utilization of skills will help Spiritual Star Mages freeze a target and produce massive damage output. Dragon Mages are physically strong and a born fighter. They have high attack, defense and HP growth, and often engage in blood-spattering combat against overwhelming odds. Nature Mages are in possession of natural forces. They have high control, HP recovery, attack and strong assistance. They are capable of both giving support to their teammates and producing a great deal of damage output.

Fairy Tail Screenshot

The game has a unique buddy system, allowng players to make new friends at inns. The new friends will not only be an adorable companion but also raise your stats. The S-class wizard Mirajane has been all the rage since she was added to the game. She suffers from a general lack of decisiveness and has a warm smile. She is a far more formidable force on the battlefield. She is ready to team up with you as the game operator will give the S-class wizards away during the closed beta testing. The mose powerful spell possessed by Mirajaine is Satan's Soul. Once the spell is cast, she will become a destructive force with devil's flame under her feet to bring doom to her opponents. At that time, Mirajane will wear golden armor to protect her ears and chin. Her white long curly hair, blue suit and dark cloak make her look like a demon. More S and SS class wizards are available in the game and ready to be engaged in endless struggle for supremacy that will fuel players' passion and deliver an adrenaline rush of action sure to get their pulse racing.

Fairy Tail Screenshot

The first official Closed Beta will be unleashed on September 12. We hope to see you there!

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