BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: Sep. 2 to Sep. 8

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Hello, everyone, it's Monday today. Another brand new week has come. Are you ready for all the works in this week? Any way, let's take a rest now and look back on all the new/funny things during last week.

It seems PopPace is really busy recently. During last week, they announced 3 new games to be published. Do you still remember all of them? Or is there any other interesting news that caught your eyes? OK, Now just follow me and check this BBG weekly wrap-up!

Top 10 Video Games that are "Very Erotic Very Violent"

Last week we have showed you a list about the games that are "very erotic very violent". If you've ever tried any of these games, would you agree with this list?

1. BioShock

The Patriot Ledger said this game is beyond the limit of the violent games, since the gamers can even kill a little girl.


2. Call of Duty

It doesn't need to say more about this game, since it's always be the model of the "killer games".

Call of Duty

3. Doom

This game is generally recognized as a horror game, since it presents the violent picture perfectly. Some people even think it should be responsible for the violent incidents in Columbia high school.



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