Mythic Saga Announces a Major Upgrade

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Mythic Saga has decided to implement a HUGE update which includes a level cap increase from 70 to 90, 3 new instances, 5 new systems, additions to 3 of the previous systems: Mounts & Relics & Wings, and an artwork makeover for the WHOLE game! See below for more details.

On Sepetember 5th at 12:01a.m.Pacific Time, this new update will be rolling out to all Cooltoplay Servers. Nothing is being held back in this major update with its level cap being increased from 70 to and 90 and artwork for the whole game has been made over:

Mythic Saga Screenshot

New Zones

Mythic Saga

New Character Artwork

Mythic Saga Screenshot

In addition there are 5 new systems including the Genie System (Seen above) where players search for the mysterious creatures and take them to the battlefields to reveal their hidden power! Genies will increase your hero's attributes!

Mythic Saga Screenshot

The Blaze System - Cleanse all the evil in Mythica with Blaze and burn your enemies to ashes! Blaze does not only increase your hero's attributes but deal substantial damage to your foes.

Mythic Saga Screenshot

Alchemy System - Collect recipes and materials and use the Alchemy Furnace to concoct all kinds of meds.

Mythic Saga Screenshot

Primal Spirit System - Train your primal spirit, forget your physical existence and embrace the nature with your mind. And then, you will find your attributes greatly improved.

Mythic Saga Screenshot

Realm System - All enemies who dare step into your "Realm" will suffer bitter penalty to their power.


In addition to these great enhancements the mount system now has five new functions: Aspect, Smelt, Phase, Disenchant and Rebirth. Aspect increases your mount's attribute bonus. Smelting and Phasing raise your mount gear's power. You can also disenchant your mount gear to get rare materials. Moreover, rebirth gives your mount a chance to change into its final form — Crown Phoenix!


Four new functions for relic: Mold, Carve, Mathemancy and Sending. Mold your relic to gain sockets which can be used to carve to increase the relic's attributes. Sending grants your relic dramatic combat power. At last, mathemancy will evolve your relic to its final stage — Holy Pegasus and unleash its ultimate power!


"Fortify", "Adorn", "Deice" and "Purification" are four new functions for wings. Fortifying your wings increases both your wing attributes and deflection damage. Adorning your wings does not only increase your wing attributes but also your exp. Deicing frees the final form of your wings (Royal Spirit Wings) from the solid ice wall while purification blesses your wings and changes them into a super form —Dawnlight Wings.

King System

Finally the Noble title system is now available! Count, Earl, Archduke, get your royal title! You can even be a king to rule your faction and rally your people to fight against enemy factions.

For more information on these systems or to play the game visit us at Or visit our facebook Fanpage at



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