Pockie Pirates Gets a New Badge System

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NGames launches a new badge system for swash-buckling One Piece licensed MMO, Pockie Pirates

Leading online games publisher, NGames, is today thrilled to introduce the anticipated new badge system to popular free-to-play One Piece MMO, Pockie Pirates. Badges reinforce a character's strength in battle, and each comes with new upgrade and refinement features, adding waves of character customisation options for players to explore.

Pockie Pirates is a licensed One Piece MMO that faithfully recreates the One Piece anime series. Players take on the role of a sea-faring captain sailing the famous Grand Line trail with their friends, seeking epic adventure and treasures as they quest to become the King of Pirates.

Available at lv. 80, players can now assign every crew member with two Badges to help enhance their overall power. While players can't embed shells into badges, nor equip or enhance Haki with this accessory, Badges do contain an extensive upgrade system for additional customization.

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Upgrading Badges is essential for captains who want to get the most out of their characters; boosting stats each time a Badge is upgraded by a level. This can be done with Upgrade Stones, obtained by melting Badges that can be purchased from the Diamond Shop.

Alongside Upgrade Stones, Pockie Pirates players can hunt for Silver to enhance Badges, which come in different qualities. Initially, these accessories begin at lv. 2 (green) and can be upgraded to lv. 6 (red).

Green Badges do not boost stats once upgraded, but they do bestow one extra attribute. Players should also note that upgrading Badges isn't always successful, however; upon failure Badges will be kept while upgraded materials will be consumed. Gold can be used to transfer the quality of one upgraded Badge to a new one, and the quality of the original accessory will return to green upon use.

And the customization doesn't stop there. Swash-buckling pirates can also Refine Badges. Also using Gold, extra stats and added value can be implemented via refining. While these aspects alter, the primary stats of Badges will remain unchanged (akin to Warship refining). If there are specific stats players wish to keep, they can lock them for free to keep them intact upon refinement.

With so many new ways to use and exploit badges to enhance character attributes, no two crews need ever be the same in the thrilling world of Pockie Pirates. The famous characters sailing the Grand Line have never felt so varied!


Pockie Pirates: Chapter 11 is released, a free update bringing waves of new content and new look character designs to the award-winning One Piece MMO.

Interested players can join the race to become the King of the Pirates for free today by joining Pockie Pirates on Game321:

Official Site:



About Pockie Pirates:

Pockie Pirates is the first horizontal version of RPG webgame released by Game321. Based on the theme of dream, passion, youth and friendship, players take on the role of a young pirate determined to find legendary treasures and become the King of Pirates. In the game, players will be confronted with various difficulties and need to root out enemies before they make their dream come true.

Pockie Pirates blends strategy and tactics with an entertaining game plot. It features cute characters and quality-designed backgrounds, combined with dazzling skills to present gamers a thrilling and exciting adventure around the sea.

What could be more appealing than having a number of trustworthy buddies, a dream pirate ship, and an island of your own? Seek the legendary treasure and to become the king of the Pirates on Game321 now!

About NGames

NGames Interactive Limited is a leading entertainment company, specializing in the development, operation, and publishing of online social and browser games. NGames leverages its Game321 brand and takes advantage of its rich industry experience to promote an array of stunning games across the globe.

Over the last few years, NGames has established a large integrated entertainment platform,, and has achieved worldwide success with a number of popular games, including the award-winning Pockie Ninja series and Pockie Pirates, FoxLi Rush, Cyber Monster, Tales of Solaris, Wartune, Divines of the East, Brave Fantasy, and DDTank.



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